Brazilian Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child At 61

A mom in Brazil has given birth to her very first child at the age of 61 after successfully undergoing IVF treatment.

The age at which people become parents has increased as generations have passed. 70 years ago it was much more common for couples to have their first child during their early 20s or even late teens. Subsequently, their children started the following generation a little later. Here we are in the 21st century and it's not uncommon for a couple to hold off on starting a family until they're well into their 30s.

There are a few reasons for that. Number one is changes to society. Couples are getting married later in life and perhaps not even getting married at all. Medical advances also have a big part to play. While women still have a finite amount of time to become moms, that timeline has been extended thanks to science.

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So much so that a Brazilian woman recently became a mom for the very first time at the age of 61, reports 7 News. Ana Maria Pontelo Moreira successfully gave birth to her newborn son after undergoing five years of IVF treatment. As much as science and medicine have advanced, it's still not possible for a woman to become a mom at the age of 61 without a little help.

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Moreira explained that she had been on the list to adopt a baby ever since separating from her husband, but after having no luck, she decided to go down the IVF route. She asked for a younger person and had to be matched up with someone with the same blood type as her. As for the pregnancy itself, the mom revealed other than some issues with her spine which she treated via an orthopedist, pilates, and physiotherapy, it went well.

Moreira says she knows there are women out there like her who are older and want children but think their time has passed. Maybe even women without partners. She hopes to be an inspiration to those women and act as proof that it is never too late to become a mom. It might take a little more work, research, and waiting, but it can happen.

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