Woman Gives Birth Just Hours After Doctor Reveals She Is 35 Weeks Pregnant

Caity Mason gave birth almost immediately after just discovering she’s 35 weeks pregnant. She claims that she was unaware of any signs of pregnancy, so she didn’t know that she was in fact carrying a child. What she thought was a stomach ache turned out to be her going into labour.

In late January, Mason went to the doctor with concerns of stomach cramps. She told them that the pain was getting intense, and she didn’t know why. The medic who examined her concluded that she was going into labour because she was 10 centimetres dilated. At this point, Mason had been 35 weeks pregnant. Mason found out she was pregnant at around 1:30 a.m., and she went into labour later that morning. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, and she gave birth to her baby, Flynn.

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The 25-year-old Melbourne native wasn’t aware that she was pregnant. She didn’t notice any signs of having a baby in her: the baby bump, morning sickness, missing monthly periods. Throughout the pregnancy, she stayed the same size, so she didn’t expect any changes. Because she wasn’t able to recognize any symptoms, Mason continued to live life as if she wasn’t pregnant. She admitted that she was playing rough sports and drinking a lot of alcohol; the last time she participated in these activities was just days before she gave birth.

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Mason was in shock, but she was ready to take care of Flynn no matter what. On her Facebook post announcing his birth, she stated that she’s very excited and shocked, and she is thankful that she has great support around her. Even though she has a lot of help, Flynn’s father doesn’t want to be part of the picture. While it will be challenging to raise her baby all on her own, Mason has the support of wonderful people around her.

While the idea of unknowingly carrying a baby may sound ridiculous, it’s apparently more common that we believe. It’s still rare, but it happens more than we’d think. In Sydney, of the 6,000 patients who give birth every year, two or three of those women didn’t know they were pregnant.

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