Woman Delivers Baby On Manitoba Highway After Being Sent Home From Hospital

When the contractions start and it seems like the baby is finally ready to make an appearance, there's nothing more frustrating than being sent home from the hospital. Although you might feel like you're about to drop, if the hospital staff do not think that it's time then it's back home for a few hours. It's a common process that a lot of women go through without a hitch, but for one Manitoba woman, it got complicated.


Kyla and her partner Dino grabbed their hospital bag when her water broke at around 1 pm, but they waited until 4 pm to head to the maternity unit, just to be sure.  The couple lives roughly 45 minutes away from the Bethesda Regional Health Centre in Steinbach. When they arrived, they were told by staff to go for a walk and come back in a few hours. By 7.30 pm the couple was turned away from the hospital for a second time as they still didn't believe she was far enough along. Kyla and Dino were reluctant to leave but followed the advice of the medical professionals.

The 45-minute drive back to Ste. Agathe took an unexpected turn when Kyla's contractions got stronger. By the time they reached their home, there was no doubt that the expectant mom was in full labor. Dino called the hospital who told them to come back, but ten minutes into the journey the couple had to pull over on Highway 305. Kyla couldn't wait and gave birth to their daughter, Layla, in the car solo, in the time that it took for her partner to hop out of the car and run around to the passenger side. Dino tried to get in, but the doors had locked automatically and Kyla was busy ensuring that her daughter was okay.

Despite being born with her cord around her neck, baby Layla is healthy and doing well. Emergency responders arrived at the scene 30 minutes later and took mom, dad, and baby to the same hospital that turned them away, twice.

Kyla and Dino say they have no choice but to lodge a formal complaint, but they are over the moon with their new arrival.


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Woman Delivers Baby On Manitoba Highway After Being Sent Home From Hospital