This Baby Is Lovin' It: Woman Gives Birth In McDonald's Drive-Thru

Little Alfie Hall was so eager to meet the outside world this week that he decided he wasn't even going to wait for his parents to finish their late night meal.

At around 10 p.m. on Wednesday night, Sarah Meek and Josh Hall, both 21, pulled into a McDonald's drive-thru for a quick snack while on their way to Scunthorpe General Hospital, about an hour east of Sheffield, UK. They had just come from seeing their midwife, who told them that Sarah was in the very early stages of labour, but that things weren't progressing all that quickly.

While sitting in the drive-thru, Sarah told Josh that she had to use the washroom. The couple exited their car and went inside, and that's when things really started to pick up. While in one of the stalls, Sarah's water broke and she felt the baby immediately start to come.

"Her eyes just shot open," Josh recalled afterwards. "She stared at me right into my eyes like a pair of daggers and said 'oh I need to push'."

Fortunately, the midwife whom they'd seen just a short time earlier was at the very same McDonald's, and ahead of the young couple in the drive-thru line. She rushed in to help deliver the baby and stayed with the three of them until paramedics arrived. Sarah and Alfie were then taken to hospital for observation, along with new dad Josh and Jo, the midwife who stepped in to save the day.


The restaurant was quick to officially congratulate the couple following the news of the whirlwind birth Wednesday night and even extended an invitation for them to return for a free meal once they are able.

"We look forward to welcoming Josh and Sarah again soon," a spokesperson said. "We wish them all the best."

The company also sent the new family flowers, celebrating Alfie's unusual entrance.

Although mom Sarah may not be laughing at Alfie's expeditious debut quite yet, dad Josh is already looking forward to telling his son all about his eventful birth once he is older.

"We will definitely be telling him about how he was born in McDonald's," he said.

"One of my mates [asked me] if we were going to call him Ronald," he added.

Baby Alfie is not the only little one to be born in a fast food restaurant as of late. Just last month, a woman in Texas gave birth to a baby girl in a Chick-Fil-A restaurant bathroom, earning the tiny tot free Chick-Fil-A for life.

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