Woman Gives Birth On Migrant Rescue Boat

A woman gave birth on a migrant ship as she escaped from Libya to the coast of Italy. The Libyan woman had only boarded the Doctors Without Borders ship, the Aquarius, this past Thursday. 68 other Libyan refugees were also on board when her baby boy was born over the weekend.

Fittingly, she named her little boy "Miracle". The mother, whose name wasn’t released, was escaping the hostile and dangerous environment taking over Libya. The woman claims to have been held captive and endured a variety of terrible conditions. She was able to escape her kidnappers and left Libya on a rubber boat with the 68 others. The Aquarius works in conjunction with the SOS Mediterranee monitoring the waters and rescuing refugees seeking amnesty.


According to Sky News, 1,800 individuals have been rescued by humanitarian boats in the last three days, including this mom and son duo! Both mother and baby are now healthy according to the ship's midwife, Amoin Soulemane. She said, "Both the mother and baby are doing very well".

This baby was seen as a symbol of hope on the Aquarius. His fellow refugees sang, cheered, and danced once Miracle was brought to the top deck. The baby weighed 6lb 2oz and was the sixth baby born aboard the Aquarius this year.

The refugees were brought to Catania, Sicily hoping to gain a new home in an unfamiliar, yet safe, environment. The Aquarius then returned to the Mediterranean Sea looking for more people in need.

Italy began supporting Libya's coast guard in the rescue and prevention of migrant boats after a surge in Libyan immigrants. With support from the Italian government, illegal refugees entering Italy from Libya has dropped by 85%.

The state of Libya has been deteriorating due to multiple civil wars ravaging the African nation since 2011. The unstable government has been unable to take control of the situation. The citizens have been the ones suffering, which is why so many are willing to take their chances by setting off into the Mediterranean Sea.

Via Sky News

Little Miracle will have a safer life than that of his mother and the other refugees who have been escaping Libya. He's part of a new generation and his birth is a symbol of a new life!

We hope that Miracle and his mom have a great life together in Europe!


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