Woman Delivers IVF Baby And Twins In Miracle 'Triplet' Birth

A mother just gave birth to a set of twins and a singleton IVF baby.


Beata Bienias and her husband, Powell Bienias, wanted to have a child. The couple tried for many years to get pregnant. They both wanted to start a family and they were very excited at the possibility of becoming parents. After a while Beata could not get pregnant, so they sought fertility help. Beata was told that the best way to make sure that they conceive is if she lost weight, because she was overweight. Beata lost 70 lbs and yet they still weren't able to conceive. The couple opted to go through IVF treatments.

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The doctors told the couple to not try to conceive naturally until the IVF process was finalized. The couple didn't not listen and they ended up trying on Powell's birthday. A few days later, Beata received her embryos. They were so excited when they finally received a positive pregnancy test. They were overflowed with joy and excitement. The couple went in for their first sonogram and low and behold, triplets!


The couple was very excited that they were not just getting one baby, but three babies. At first they believed that these children were triplets. However, upon further examination of the fetus's, they were not triplets. Only one of the embryo's that were implanted into Beata body stuck. Therefore, the children were not triplets. There was one set of twins that were conceived naturally and one baby who was conceived through IVF.  The couple was in complete shock about how they were able to conceive three beautiful babies! Beata and Powell were able to meet their new babies when Beata was 34 weeks along. The kids came out beautiful, healthy and happy. It has certainly been quite the adjustment for the couple. They went from zero kids to three newborns. They are doing well and they both feel so blessed to be the parents to their three beautiful kids.

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Dr. Christine Greves, a doctor at the Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Orlando, commented on the outcome of the couple. She said that being able to conceive naturally during a procedure like this is very rare. Mostly because the parents who are going through IVF treatment have fertility issues. It is very uncommon for a couple who has tried for years to become pregnant and then conceive naturally through the treatment.

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