Generous Woman Praised For Helping Homeless Pregnant Teen Get Back On Her Feet

Atlanta woman Anna Szabo turned to social media for help after meeting a pregnant homeless teen. Going through pregnancy in a safe environment is a struggle all on its own, but having to endure it while living on the streets is an entirely new battle. Not only was Jami Curtis fighting to protect and take care of herself, but her unborn child as well.

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It all started when Szabo had noticed an unusual sight: a young woman, pregnant and crying, all alone. According to WSBTV, Jami had confessed that she had no place else to go, and had also escaped a relationship with domestic violence. It had been the cause of her being homeless for over four months. Anna and Jami's initial encounter was unexpected, but it certainly changed both of their lives forever.

In fact, after speaking out about the event, Szabo opened up about the fact that she too had lived on the streets nearly a decade ago, and faced similar struggles as the young teen.

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Things seem to be taking a turn for the better for Jami Curtis and her unborn child. With some assistance from Szabo and her post on social media, both women were contacted by a shelter that welcomes pregnant women and mothers. She had been offered a place to stay. Now with a roof over her head, Jami has been able to work on taking care of herself and finding ways to get back on her feet. Speaking of, it was revealed that the pregnant teen has a job interview lined up soon.

Other women have also stepped forward and shown kindness to Jami when she felt lost and alone. Although hair appointments might not seem like much, for Jami Curtis, it was a turning point in her life. And she said she has every intention of paying it forward in the future.

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After everything the young woman has been through, Szabo continues to be an active figure in Jami's life, where she visits frequently to check in with her. Due to Szabo's past experience of being in an unfortunate situation like living on the streets, she's offered words of wisdom, stating that her troubles will only be temporary. Curtis and Szabo's emotional and inspirational tale has since gone viral. It serves as a reminder of how one small act of kindness can alter the course of events in a person's life.

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