Woman Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until She Saw Baby's Head

Klara Dollan was one of those women who spent their entire pregnancy not knowing she was pregnant. She finally figured out that she was pregnant when she could see her daughter's head.

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People are always amazed when women can go months and months through pregnancy without even knowing that they are pregnant. We are all even more perplexed by women who go through their entire pregnancy and find out that they are pregnant when they are in labor. Many mom's have questions for these mother's about their periods, weight gain, feeling the baby move, feeling sick, and extreme fatigue. How do you go nine months without having any indication that you have a child growing inside you?

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Klara Dollan  is one of those women who we listen to her story with our jaws dropped. She had no idea that she was pregnant with her child until she could see her daughter's head coming out. Her daughter is now three years old, but people are continually asking her how in the world she was in labor and had no indication that she was ever pregnant. She wanted to share her story to help people understand how a woman can go through an entire pregnancy without even knowing.

First of all, her daughter is her only child, so she never had been pregnant before to relate any of the experiences. She had never had a baby, so she never thought, "oh this is how I felt with my first child." She had no previous experience to relate this. Dollan says that she was very used to not having periods. She has been very irregular her entire life and so it was very common for her to go months and months without having a period. When Dollan was about 4 months pregnant her boyfriend broke up with her and she was devastated. She started gaining a lot of weight, but assumed that she was depressed about the breakup and chalked her weight gain up to her break-up. She said when she looks back she still wouldn't be able to tell. There were no signs of a baby bump, or anything! She said she also never felt sick and she never felt like she was struggling to stay awake. She didn't get any of the typical pregnancy symptoms that other women say they deal with.

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The day she went into labor she started feeling extreme pain in her back and she felt like her period was coming back with a vengeance. The pain got worse and worse and she went into the hospital, because she thought something was seriously wrong with her body. She went into the hospital and all she could think was to "push the pain away" and so she started pushing and then she saw the head. Thankfully she was in the hospital and so the medical staff reacted appropriately. A few moment later, Dollan was holding her daughter. She said that she just sat there in complete shock. She held her daughter and she had no idea what to think! It was the most surreal moment of her life.

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