Woman In Jail Delivers Her Own Baby While In Her Cell

An incarcerated woman delivers a baby all alone after jail staff ignored her cries for help.

Tammy Jackson was incarcerated at the North Broward Bureau in Pompano Beach. She was nine months pregnant when she told the guards that she was having severe contractions. She knew that she was in labor and she was hoping that they would send her to the hospital, or at least send in a nurse. However, they didn't react as she was hoping. The guards took Jackson and placed her in a solitary cell. She was then left alone. She was left alone at around 3:16 a.m.

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Jackson delivered the baby about seven hours later at about 10 a.m. She had delivered the baby in a solitary cell all by herself. The officers inside the jail said that they had called the doctor about her complaints and the doctor said that he would check her once he got there. He did check her, seven hours later, once she had already had her child. There was blood everywhere because she had been bleeding for several hours. The other inmates said that Jackson's cries were ignored.


"She was forced to deliver the baby alone," Public Defender Howard Finkelstein wrote to Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony.  Finkelstein was completely outraged by the way that Jackson was treated. No woman, especially a woman who is mentally ill, should have to deliver their baby alone. Not only were they inhumane about the way they treated Jackson, but the sheriffs inside the jail put the baby's life at risk. What if there were severe complications during delivery? Both Jackson and her baby could have easily died!

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The sheriff's inside the jail didn't care about Jackson's health and her situation. Even if a woman is incarcerated she has the right to be taken to a hospital if she is in labor. Her child deserves to be helped. Once Jackson delivered she was immediately transferred to the nearby hospital. Due to the situation, nobody can give details about the status of the baby. The baby was stable when he was taken though. The sad part about this whole situation is that this has happened before. Around the country, pregnant women are getting ignored during labor and are being forced to deliver while in their jail cell alone. Every woman and baby deserves medical attention during such a vulnerable time.

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