Woman On JetBlue Airplane Delivers Handsome Little Boy

Woman delivers baby boy on Jet Blue Airplane during mid-flight.


The Jet Blue airplane was heading from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale when a woman went into labor. The woman wants to remain nameless at the moment. The flight was two hours long and she thought she could make it to Fort Lauderdale before her little baby was born. That was not the case.

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She went into labor and the airplane crew immediately jumped into action. They were able to help the mother deliver the new baby on Flight 1954. The airplane that the little baby boy was born on was coincidentally named  "Born to be Blue" and it certainly seems fitting now that a little boy was born on the flight. Thankfully the little boy was perfectly healthy and mom did great.


The passengers on the flight were so excited to be part of the experience. Many videos were taken of the delivery and you could feel the excitement on the plane. Once the plane landed, the mother and baby were escorted off first and were greeted by a team of paramedics who brought her to the nearby hospital. The airlines was so excited to be able to have the little baby delivered on their flight. They felt like they were getting another member of the JetBlue family. It was such a special moment for everybody involved. A JetBlue Airlines spokesperson made an official statement thanking the airlines crew for their wonderful professionalism and their quick action under pressure. The spokesperson also wished the mother and new baby the best of luck.

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Each airlines tries to make sure that they do not have women who are delivering on airplanes. Many airplanes will not even allow women who are passed a certain point in their pregnancy in fear that they might go into labor on-board. Although this situation ended up with a positive result, a baby is best helped if they are under the supervision of trained medical staff. This delivery was certainly not planned, but congratulations to the mother and her new baby! What a great story that they will be able to tell him someday!

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