Woman Refuses To Give Up Spot In Line To Pregnant Woman During Busy Store Sale

A woman who refused to give up her spot in line to a pregnant woman is now wondering if she was in the wrong in the awkward interaction.

In the Reddit group r/AmITheA**Hole — a subreddit where users read a story and vote on who is in the wrong — u/cnostaw detailed an interaction she had with a pregnant woman five years ago. Apparently, the conversation was memorable enough that, five years later, she's still bugged by it, and wanted to see if she handled it correctly.

One day, a brand u/cnostaw admires, but can't afford, had a sale. Unfortunately for our poster, she could only go on her lunch break, but she alotted enough time to head over, grab some shoes and wait in line for about 45 minutes inside the packed store. Yet, when her time finally came to pay, a pregnant woman walked up to her, asking if she could cut in front of the line, but u/cnostaw wasn't feeling very generous.

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"I don’t exactly know what came over me, but my first reaction was to blink, then say 'Well you’d have to ask all the people behind me if that’s OK.' She blinked back and said, 'But I’m pregnant,' writes the Redditor. "And I continued with 'Yes but we’ve all been standing here in line for the past half an hour.'"

After standing her ground, the woman walked away and spoke to a sales associate who opened up a register for her, so it worked out for the pregnant woman. Still, the Redditor felt off about the situation. She says she'd have no problem offering her seat on a train for the mother-to-be, and if she was the customer directly behind her, there would be no issue letting her go first. Yet, there was something about the woman cutting in front of so many people that rubbed our poster the wrong way.

While the voting period still appears to be open, it looks like Redditors are leaning toward u/cnostaw not being in the wrong.  Most believe that, while it is unfortunate for the pregnant woman, there was a little too much entitlement from someone hoping to cut in line. Still, the group wasn't on her side 100 percent. In fact, one user pointed out that many stores have a courtesy rule in place to allow the elderly and pregnant women to get priority in long lines.

With that in mind, that doesn't mean another customer should give up her spot in line. That seems like more of a store issue. Yet, we can sympathize with a pregnant woman starring down a 45-minute line. It seems like a situation with no real winner, but for what it's worth, it doesn't look like u/cnostaw is being judged too harshly at all.


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