Woman In Metro Detroit Delivers Baby On The Way To The Hospital

A couple was planning on having their baby in a hospital, but the baby had different plans. The couple delivered in a parking lot instead!

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Mike and Nicole Gostovich were planning to deliver their second child at St. Johns Hospital in Grosse Pointe. Nicole wasn't surprised by the timing of her baby, because she was a week past her due date. Nicole knew that it was going to happen any day. However, she wasn't expecting her labor to be so quick! Nicole woke up in the middle of the night and she was in so much pain. She knew she was probably in labor, but her labor started out of nowhere and was incredibly painful. She told her husband it was time to go. She woke up Mike and they started driving to the hospital.

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Nicole said that she was in so much pain and that she couldn't even think. While they were driving to the hospital her water broke. She told her husband that they needed to hurry up because her water had just broke. Then she could feel the baby coming out. They were not going to make it to the hospital. She could feel him coming out. Mike was screaming at her not to push.  Mike pulled over into a parking lot and jumped out of the car ready to deliver his son, but by the time he got to Nicole she was already holding their son.

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Nicole said she was not scared, because she was in too much shock. She could not believe what was happening. Mike was completely terrified the entire time. He said that he had called the ambulance and when they arrived he said that all of the emergency responders came to him first to make sure that he was alright. He said, "I am not the one with a baby on my lap." The paramedics cut the umbilical cord and made sure that the baby was breathing well. The ambulance took the family to the nearby hospital.

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Both mom and baby are doing great. The little boy weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and they still do not have a name for the little guy. Nicole said that moms should understand that their plan might not go as planned and they should just go with the flow!

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