Woman In Mexico May Become The World's Oldest Mother

A woman in Mazatlan, Mexico may become the world's oldest mother.

Maria de le Luz, who claims to be pregnant with her eighth child, is 70-years-old. She says that she is six months along and has shown ultrasounds to media outlets to to prove her story. Three months ago de la Luz began to experience symptoms that she equated with pregnancy and says that she has the images to back up her story.

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The details of the situation, however, are relatively few. Comments from de le Luz imply that the pregnancy occurred naturally without the help from in vitro fertilization (IVF), but that has yet to be confirmed.

De la Luz says that her seven other children are not ecstatic about her becoming a mother again. She told reporters that they thought that she was too old, a sentiment that many people agree with.


If this woman is indeed expecting, that will officially make her the world's oldest woman to give birth. The title currently rests with Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara who was from Spain, who delivered a baby at the age of 66. Unfortunately, she passed away soon after the birth of her twins leaving them orphaned.

Ms. Bousada de Lara had high hopes - she claimed that her own mother had lived be 101-years-old. She yearned for motherhood, admitting to doctors after-the-fact that she had lied about her age in order to receive fertility treatments in the United States. She moved back to Spain to give birth to her twins in Barcelona.

There is one other contender for oldest woman to give birth - Omkari Panwar of India. She claims that she was 70 at the time of delivery of her twins in 2006 but could provide no proof of her claims. Though possibly the oldest, she cannot technically receive the title without her birth certificate.

Being the oldest woman to deliver a baby is a title to boast about, but many wonder if it is worth the cost. Unless the mother has a support system in place - family or friends who will step-up and take care of her child in case of her death - the child can be left alone shortly after he/she is born.

Only time will tell if Maria de le Luz will become the oldest mother.


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