Woman Missing Part Of Her Heart Beats Pregnancy Odds!

Shanelle Ragin is a strong woman and a survivor. She survived major heart surgery at only a day old and dealing with having to take daily medication just to live. 

Another amazing thing, she was able to make it through pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby boy who has a healthy heart! Her pregnancy was unexpected and doctors informed her she might not survuve through the pregnancy due to a heart defect that has left Shanelle with only one ventricle in her heart. Wanting to continue with the pregnancy, she and her doctors decided to do everything they could to minimize stress and pressure on her heart which included 9 months of bed rest and constant monitoring. 

Her baby boy was born healthy thanks to all of his mother's efforts. "I felt really proud of Shanelle," Ragin's doctor adds. "I think in a way, having a baby, a healthy beautiful baby like Carter, is an affirming part that you are a normal woman."

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