New Mom Names Baby After The Officer Who Helped Her Give Birth

A woman had to deliver her baby on the side of the road with the help of a police officer and she decided to name her child after the woman that helped her deliver.

Bridgette Crumley felt like she was in labor. She started having contractions and so she packed the family into the van and began the journey to the hospital. Bridgette's husband began to grow nervous because he felt like his wife was getting very close to delivering the baby. He called 9-1-1 to explain to them the situation and a patrol car was following the van in case they needed to be of assistance to the family. One of the officers in the patrol car was Sierra Reprogal. Sierra had a feeling that she would be helping deliver a baby that night.

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Bridgette said that she all of a sudden felt like her daughter was coming out of her. They stopped the van and pulled over to the side of the road. Sierra jumped out of the patrol car and ran up to the van and told Bridgette that she was already crowning and told her to push.

Sierra said that during police training they never discussed how to deliver a baby. They just do a 15 minute summary of labor and how to deal with a delivery until EMT shows up. They never actually learn the specifics. Thankfully, Sierra is a mother herself and so she was able to remember some of the things from her labor and delivery. She told Bridgette to push. So she did. In one push Bridgette was able to deliver her little baby girl. Sierra quickly grabbed the little girl and checked her airway. She handed the newborn baby to Bridgette and then helped her deliver her placenta.

Bridgette was so grateful for Sierra and the fact that she helped her deliver the baby. She felt like Sierra saved her baby's life. Bridgette and her newborn were taken to the hospital by the ambulance. Both Bridgette and then newborn ended up being completely healthy and beautiful. The new mom was so grateful for the help of Sierra that she chose to name her daughter after the wonderful police officer who not only helped deliver the baby but also rode to the hospital with her. Bridgette named her little girl Isabella Sierra-Marie Crumley.

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