Woman Offers To Be Sister's Surrogate After Rare Disease

Whitney Bliesner has always wanted to be a mother and start a family. However, she has a rare genetic disorder that would make pregnancy way too risky. She couldn't afford adoption or surrogacy. She thought that she wouldn't be able to have a child because she didn't have any more options.

Whitney's twin sister, Jill Noe, wanted to help her sister start a family. Jill offered to be Whitney's surrogate mother so that Whitney could fulfill her dream of being a mother. Jill is now 29 weeks pregnant with Whitney's twins! Whitney will be expecting a boy and a girl! They are all so excited.


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Whitney has a genetic disorder called  NF2 (Neurofibromatosis type 2). It is a rare disease that causes a person to grow benign tumors and they form along the nerves of the brain, spinal cord and other areas of the body. She has already lost vision in her left eye. She has also lost hearing in her right ear and partial hearing loss in her left ear. She went through a few tests and found that if she were to carry a child her disease would speed up and be more devastating on her body. She also learned that she would have a high chance to pass it onto her child. Jill does not have the disease, so they used her eggs. Whitney said that she and Jill were having a casual conversation on Christmas 2017. Whitney had mentioned that she wasn't going to be able to have kids because she couldn't afford any of the options. Jill then offered to carry the child for her. Jill doesn't have any children of her own, so she really was making a big sacrifice. Whitney is so grateful for her sister's generous act, but Jill said that it was a "no brainer."

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Congratulations to the couple and their beautiful twins on the way! Jill you are awesome for doing this for your sister! We are hoping for a happy, healthy, and easy pregnancy! We definitely want to see pictures when the babies are born!

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