Woman Becomes Pregnant After Battling Brain Tumor

A  woman in the UK is calling her baby a "miracle baby" after believing she was infertile from the treatments of getting a brain tumor removed.

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Sarah Gaffney-Lang had a seizure back in 2016. She couldn't remember the exact moment that she had the seizure, but she remembers being really frightened. She went into the doctors to check to make sure everything was okay with her health. Through the next couple of months, they did several tests and the doctors found a tumor. The tumor was identified as a grade 2 glioma and located in her right frontal lobe.  Lang was very shocked when she found out that she had cancer. She was in very good shape and she was healthy, so that was the last thing that she thought was going to happen. Before treatment, the doctors suggested that she go through the process of freezing some of her eggs so that she could later have the option of starting a family.

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Sarah went through a year of treatments. It was a hard year of different medications, many sick days and extreme exhaustion. She had a year of a whirlwind of emotions. At the end of the 12-month treatment cycle, she was relieved to finally be done. Three months after the end of her treatment, Sarah found out that she was pregnant.

Via FoxNews

Sarah and her husband had no idea that they were going to be able to conceive their baby naturally. They didn't even have to get her eggs. They assumed that when they wanted to have children that they would have to thoughtfully think about when they wanted their baby and then worry about having her eggs be implanted. However, that is not what happened. They were able to conceive without any medical involvement. They are both completely thrilled.

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The couple calls their child a "miracle baby" because she thought that with all of the treatment getting rid of her cancer and removing her brain tumor she thought that she would be infertile. The doctors believed that her chances of conceiving naturally were very low, so it is a complete surprise to everybody that they are expecting a baby after all that they have been through. We are so glad that the doctors were wrong with their predictions and that Sarah is pregnant with a beautiful healthy baby! Congratulations to the couple and we hope for a healthy rest of the pregnancy!

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