Woman Becomes Pregnant With Miracle Baby After Rare Surgery To Remove Wall In Womb

26-year old Nicola Guinness was born with a congenital condition in which a wall of skin divided her uterus, cervix, and vagina. The condition, which varies in severity, is called uterus septum and can gravely affect the chances of conceiving and carrying a baby at all.

At 15-years-old, Nicola was misdiagnosed with uterus didelphys (UD) when doctors believed she had two wombs, two vaginas, and two cervixes. UD makes it difficult to get pregnant but not impossible, so Nicola held on to the hope that she could one day be a mother.

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Beginning attempting to conceive at 18-years-old, Nicola experienced miscarriage after miscarriage. When doctors began to investigate the cause of the miscarriages it was discovered that Nicola did not have UD, she had a wall of skin descending from the top of her uterus, through her cervix and down her vagina. What this meant was that each time pregnancy was achieved, the fertilized egg was being starved of oxygen because it was attempting to implant into the wall of skin rather than the rich lining of the uterus.

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Desperate to become a mother, Nicola began to search for ways to remove the skin. Doctors at Addenbrooke's Hospital denied her request to operate out of fear of making her infertile. Thanks to a few connections through her midwife, Nicola was able to find an NHS doctor who specialized in her condition to perform the surgery. Nicola underwent the rare two-hour surgery to have the septum removed from her reproductive system in October of 2018. The doctor managed to remove the wall from her uterus but the wall through her cervix and vagina still remains intact.

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Now, not long after the surgery, Nicola is expecting her miracle baby with her partner Anthony Latta. After almost a decade of trying to conceive, she is currently 26-weeks-pregnant with little Reggie and is overjoyed and anxious to meet him. Given the wall of skin was only removed from her uterus, Reggie will need to be born via c-section but Nicola is beyond grateful that she can now be a mother after years of heartbreak.

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