Woman Gets Pregnant & Delivers Healthy Boy After Having Fallopian Tubes Removed

Life is not always as we plan, and sometimes miracles can happen, as it happened to Elizabeth Kough, who gave birth to her fourth child a few years after a self-endectomy. It's the first ever documented case of the birth of a baby after the mother had removed both her fallopian tubes.

In 2015, after giving birth to her third child, Elizabeth Kough from Missouri, at the age of 35 had gone for self-endectomy to prevent pregnancy and cancer. The fallopian tubes are responsible for carrying eggs from the ovary to the uterus. And the removal of both these tubes is usually a very successful and effective form of contraception.

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Kough told Good Morning America, “I also hit age 35, and they medically say at that age, pregnancy becomes more high-risk. I was also divorced and single and had three children, which is quite a blessing for a family, but I thought that was probably enough." So, at the age of 39 when she felt she was pregnant, she was taken aback. She is a planner and deals with life in an orderly manner, and her fourth child was never in her plans.

“I had three children,” she explained to People Magazine. “And so, I decided that my family was complete, and I had what’s called a self-endectomy, where I had my fallopian tubes removed. It prevents pregnancy and helps prevent ovarian cancer. So I was quite shocked when last year I was kind of feeling pregnant.”

A home pregnancy test, followed by an ultrasound, confirmed that she was pregnant. But, soon her surprise turned into concern as without fallopian tubes the chances of fertilized eggs not being in the uterus was very high.

It was not easy for Kough to believe the truth, and she was also concerned about the well-being of her child. So, she rushed to the hospital and begged her doctor for another ultrasound, “I had a procedure, and this is not supposed to happen," she explained. "The doctor did an ultrasound, and Benjamin was right where he was supposed to be."

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Doctors at Meritas Health in Kansas City, Missouri, were also equally surprised by her pregnancy. Dr. Dawn Heizman, a board-certified OB-GYN at Meritas Health said, "I've delivered and participated in thousands of deliveries in the course of my 10-year career, and this is the first of a case like this that I've seen." In fact, it was something that no one has ever encountered earlier.

They also confirmed that Kough pregnancy was not through in-vitro fertilization, the only standard and possible way a woman can get pregnant after removing her fallopian tubes.

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According to Dr. Heizman, only three other such instances have happened in medical history. But, Benjamin is the birth of the first healthy and viable baby. Kough had a smooth pregnancy and gave birth to a rare blessing, Benjamin on March 14 at North Kansas City Hospital via C-section.

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