Woman Pregnant With Twins After First Date In Six Years

They say that first comes love, marriage and then a baby but it’s possible that it can go the other way and with success, too. As a matter of fact, one woman found herself pregnant after her first date in six years, and with twins, no less. Thankfully, she went on to fall in love with her date and married the man a few short years later.

According to The Sun, a woman by the name of Rebecca Evans first met her current husband Richard after a very messy six-year relationship. Even though things were rather bad, she didn’t want to give up on love or hope for that matter.

Rachel was shocked to learn that she had fallen pregnant after their first date. And while this might sound like a recipe for disaster for some people, it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. That’s because Rachel and Richard are still together today, nearly twenty years after their first date.

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Rachel opened up about her story in a new interview with The Sun. She said that she traveled from Windsor to Wales to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2000 with a former friend that just opened a pub with her cousin Richard.

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And while Rachel admits that Richard was both friendly and attractive, she wasn’t looking for anything more than a casual hookup. At 29, she was just happy to be single again. Several days later Richard texted Rachel after he got her phone number from a cousin. The two exchanged texts and before long, Rachel said that she felt like a “giddy teenager” again.

But it’s when Richard invited Rachel on their first date that things got serious. After having several drinks, they started kissing and before Rachel knew it, they were upstairs. After their tryst, both Richard and Rachel found themselves saying “I love you” to each other.

Several weeks later Rachel spoke to her doctor about possibly getting on birth control but that’s when she found out that it might have been too late. Rachel recalled her meeting with her doctor and said, “She asked me if I could be pregnant - and I immediately thought back to our first night of passion. In the heat of the moment, we hadn't thought about using protection. The next morning, I did five pregnancy tests. Every single one was positive.”


And while this might have been a huge problem for many other couples, Richard and Rachel welcomed their twins nine months later. They’ve been together ever since. Despite having many ups and downs just like normal couples do, Rachel said that she is very proud of where they are now, even if she did get pregnant on their first date.

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