Woman Reunited With The Baby She Rescued After 20 Years

For the first time in twenty years, a woman who rescued a newborn baby who was buried alive, reunited with that now twenty-year-old child. One day in 1998, Azita Milanian decided to go for a jog in Altadena, California. Her dogs soon stumbled upon what she first thought was the wrapped up body of a dead animal.

Milanian quickly learned that it wasn't an animal, but a newborn baby who had been buried alive. The baby was just hours old when he was wrapped in a towel and discarded with his umbilical cord still attached. "“I was shocked and scared. I was angry at the person who did that to him,” Milanian said in an interview with People Magazine.


The baby was rushed to a local hospital and Milanian never saw him again, but, of course, she never forgot that day. Here, a photo is shown of the baby all that time ago, with a nurse.

Via Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

A producer for On Air with Ryan Seacrest came across the 1998 LA Times story highlighting this event and decided to bring these two together on the show. People Magazine was there for the emotional reunion when Milanian finally met the now 20-year-old baby. His name is Matthew Whitaker and was adopted after being placed in foster care after his initial rescue.

Milanian never stopped thinking of him.“I always knew I would find him,” she says. “I always knew we’d get together again”. Together, they visited the site where she found Whitaker many years ago.

Via Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

When asked how he feels about being left on that trail as a baby, Whitaker had a refreshing stance on the matter. "If this was your best idea, to leave me here, then thanks. Because you weren’t mentally fit to raise a child,” he told the LA Times, who just did a reunion story on the two.

According to the LA Times, Whitaker had not known he was adopted until he was 17, and just one year ago he learned the real story of how he was found. That is a lot to take in for anyone, but Whitaker seems well adjusted. He plans on studying journalism at the University of Arizona.

Here they are at their May 18th reunion.

Via Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

Milanian says the two have been texting and plan on staying in touch. We hope that they do and are so glad this incredible story has a happy ending! Milanian was in the right place at the right time!


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