This Woman Makes A Fortune Selling Placenta Smoothies And Other Homemade Afterbirth Keepsakes

Placenta products are slowly becoming more fashionable, with women around the world thinking up weird and wonderful ways to re-use the organ post-birth. From celebrity endorsed placenta pills to jewelry fashioned from dried segments, the market has never been wider. One midwife has made an entire side hustle from bringing her work home with her, in the most literal way possible.


 Ciara Noble has been collecting fresh placentas for the last two years, taking them from new moms that request them to be made into capsules, creams, creative keepsakes...and raw smoothies. The 23-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, has now sold her wares to over 100 women, making just under $11,000 in a year. The qualified midwife started her business after becoming a certified Placenta Remedies Specialist. Her interest began after talking to moms who consumed their own placentas about the benefits they experienced.

Kindred Postnatal Products launched in January of 2017, giving Ciara an impressive bonus income. The business became so successful that she has been able to travel to New York for a holiday she always dreamed of, but it's not just about the money for this entrepreneur. "Some might be turned off by it," she told Metro. "But it's such a beautiful and natural thing. You have this organ that has kept your baby alive for nine months. It's so important and so special."

While Ciara acknowledges that most of the women she comes across don't even want to see the placenta after giving birth, she hopes to encourage more new moms to consider the possibilities moving forward. Her most popular service to date is placenta encapsulation, where new moms ingest dried placenta in pill form. It's believed that this can aid energy levels, re-balance hormones and even help to stop post-natal bleeding. Other advocates claim it also helps increase milk supply for moms struggling to breastfeed.

For moms worried about an odd aftertaste, Ciara adds some flavors to the capsules such as bubblegum, lime or strawberry. As for the process itself, pieces of the placenta are thinly sliced and dehydrated, much like beef jerky. Once they're dried out, they are whizzed in a blender before being made into pills. For those who aren't faint of heart, Ciara offers raw placenta smoothies which she says are potent and full of nutrients. For this particular service, she cuts up the organ and mixes it with frozen fruit like a regular smoothie. As this is most beneficial within 12 hours of labor, the midwife makes it at the clients home or at the hospital as soon as possible.

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