Woman Shares How Her C-Section Saved Her and Her Baby's Life

One mother shares her experience about her emergency c-section and how she used to be against all medicated births.


Every mother is a warrior. Every mother's story is beautiful. The only goal of each and every delivery is to make sure at the end there is a healthy mom and baby. That is the goal of every delivery and it shouldn't matter how the baby gets to this world. However, mom shaming is real. Mothers shame other mothers for getting epidurals, or for doing home births. Some moms even shame mom's who had to get a c-section claiming that they never actually had to go through labor. Many c-sections are last minute resorts that are to save mother and babies life. Other c-sections are due to a breach baby and doing anything else could potentially kill the infant. Why would we shame mother's who underwent surgery to save their baby?

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One mother shares her experience of having to do an emergency c-section in order to save her and her baby's life. Her entire pregnancy she spent "knowing" that there was no way that she was going to have anything but a natural birth. She wasn't going to have drugs or machines, and she only wanted minimal intervention.

The woman and her husband shared that they were constantly arguing about whether or not she was going to have an epidural. Her husband really wanted her to have an epidural because he had no idea why she would willingly go through pain when you could take something to avoid the pain. He thought that she was choosing to be in pain. She thought of it as being as natural as possible for her child. The whole nine months they argued about an epidural, but they never even talked about a c-section. Her mother had 5 children, her grandmother had 7 children, and her paternal grandmother had 10 children and none of them had a c-sections. So, there was no chance that she would need one, right? This mother did NOT want an epidural, because even though they claim they are safe you just never know what will happen. She knew that if she didn't have any intervention, or epidural then there was nothing to mess it up right?


She explained that when she went into labor it was the worst pain that she had ever felt. It is hard for her to remember anything from that day other than the pain. She was in labor for a few hours in the middle of the night until she couldn't do it anymore alone. She woke up her husband to support her and he took her to the hospital. The doula told her to take a bath while she waited for the pain to get worse. How could the pain get any worse? She was painfully waiting for her cervix to dilate, but it only got to 8 cm. She started crying because she was in so much. She just wanted the pain to stop. The doula looked at the mother and said, "the pain is about to get worse. This isn't even the worst pain you will feel. You have no business crying right now." The mother doesn't even remember anything after that, she remembers somebody screaming and being replaced with pain. Her husband later told her that she was the one screaming in pain. They tried to give her Pitocin to be able to dilate because she was just stuck at 8cm. The doctors then said that the little baby was in trouble, the baby was in distress and the baby needed to come out NOW.

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The mother shared how her baby was dying and was actually killing her. She ended up having a c-section and was able to have a healthy little baby. Mothers try to shame her for having a c-section and said she didn't actually go through labor. Her c-section saved her life and she refuses to be shamed.


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