Woman Attempts To Smuggle 9 Pounds Of Marijuana Across​ Border Using Fake Baby Bump

A woman tried and failed at smuggling over nine pounds of marijuana across the Argentina-Chile border using a fake baby bump.

The Argentinian woman was arrested when trying to cross from Mendoza, Argentina into Caleta, Chile while travelling with a group, Global News reports. While their group was being inspected by border officials, they discovered her supposedly pregnant stomach was actually filled with marijuana. The fake belly was reportedly made from paste, which hid 15 bricks of cannabis.

Another person from the group, an unidentified male, was also arrested at the border after marijuana was discovered in his bag. Border officials confirmed they seized four kilos and 540 grams of the illegal substance that day alone.

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The Argentine National Gendarmerie later released a photo to Twitter showing the woman (whose face had been blurred out) and her exposed baby bump. The blonde, unidentified woman was wearing a white tank top overtop of a blue one that help the drug packages in place. When she lifted the white shirt, the so-called “bump” was rough as opposed to smooth, revealing this couldn’t be a regular pregnant stomach.

The Argentinian Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, commented on the hilarious drug smuggling incident via Twitter, describing it as a “narco pregnancy.” “She made a belly out of paste, hid 15 cannabis bricks inside it and faked a pregnancy before trying to take it from Mendoza to Santa Cruz,” Bullrich wrote in Spanish. She added, "We stopped the fake pregnant woman and her accomplice.”

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Border personnel were tipped off that a group may be trying to smuggle drugs after a man was caught travelling with 226 grams of cocaine and 516 grams of marijuana at the San Rafael bus terminal. He was also going from Mendoza to Caleta.

This isn't the first time a woman tried to use her body to smuggle drugs across a border. In 2016, for instance, A Colombian woman was found with 2.2 pounds of cocaine inside her breasts at the Frankfurt airport. The unidentified woman had fresh incisions from surgery, done to insert the illicit substances, and was reportedly experiencing severe pain. She was planning on moving the drugs to Spain, which were valued at $220,000 USD.

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