Woman Suspected She Had Food Poisoning, But Then Had A Baby Instead

Woman believes that she is just dealing with food poising, but then has a baby!

We hear quite a bit about women who don't have any idea that they are pregnant and then all of a sudden they find themselves in labor. Some women can go months without having any idea that they are creating a human. For us who have tons of pregnancy symptoms and grow a huge belly, it is so hard for us to understand how somebody could go through their entire pregnancy without having any idea that they have a bun in the oven. When women come across these stories they usually have so many questions as to how in the world a woman can go through her pregnancy with virtually no symptoms! Like, no periods, weight gain, nausea, headaches, the baby moving, or extreme fatigue?

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Patricia Crawford was feeling very sick one evening. She said she was up all night feeling terrible and assumed that she had eaten something that disagreed with her body. She said that she ran to the toilet, because she felt so sick and so much cramping. All of a sudden there was a baby sliding out of her body! The couple had no idea that they were even pregnant!

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Patricia said that she had no signs of being pregnant. She said that she would have an occasional upset stomach, but nothing else suggesting that she was pregnant. When the baby was born she had no idea what she was going to do. They didn't have any wipes, diapers, clothes, or anything for a baby! They were both in complete shock.

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Their son was born on March 28. Last year, Patricia's father died on March 28! So, the couple named their son after her father, William James. The couple believes that their son was sent to them by her father saying, "you will never be sad on March 28 ever again." Although they had no idea that they were pregnant they are adjusting well to the new baby and are so grateful for his appearance.

Congratulations to the couple on the best surprise in the entire world!


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