Woman Told She Couldn't Have Kids Gets Pregnant After One-Night Stand On Cruise

Fertility issues can result in endless unsuccessful pregnancy attempts because in addition to the underlying medical cause, stressing about the constant negative tests can cause all the more negatives (life has a way of making hard things even harder, huh?). For one woman, whom doctors told would never be able to get pregnant, what better way to break the cycle of stress than a fun and relaxing cruise. Unbeknownst to her, the cruise was the remedy for her infertility.

Monica Dylan, now 42-years-old, was diagnosed with infertility when doctors found she had very few ovarian follicles. After accepting that she would probably never become a mother, and experiencing a bad breakup with her ex, Monica booked herself a Mediterranean cruise with her friend Anita Bristol, 38. Little did Monica know, after making a wish for children in Rome's Trevi Fountain with a couple of coins, that the cruise would set her fate.

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On the cruise, Monica and Anita met two men who invited them for drinks one evening. Monica describes the man she met as "gorgeous and stylish- and [she] couldn't ignore the spark between [them]." The pair had one too many drinks and ended up having unprotected intercourse that same night.  "Looking back, I knew it was foolish," Monica says. "But, at the same time, I was thrilled when I realized I might be having a baby."

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When her fairytale cruise came to an end, Monica returned home to Medway, Kent. Not long after her return, she began feeling ill- something she figured was just post-motion sickness (a very common side effect of going on a cruise). When the sickness didn't pass, Monica went out and purchased a pregnancy test just to be safe.

Lo and behold, two pink lines appeared and Monica was in shock. To add to the utter disbelief, when Monica went in for her 8-week scan, the ultrasound technician informed her that she was carrying not one but two babies.

With the news that she was becoming a mom of twins slowly sinking in, Monica called Anita, who was over-the-moon excited for her friend, and then she called the man she had met. "He was really good about it," she says. "He respected my decision to go ahead with the pregnancy and said I had his full support."

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Eight months later, Monica was induced due to one of her placentas rupturing. After an emergency C-section, Monica's fraternal baby girls, Athena and Luna, were born weighing 5lbs 5oz each. Monica says that "when I held them both in my arms, it was such a strange feeling. They were so beautiful, I couldn't stop gazing at them."

Now a single mom at 42, Monica says life is hectic and exhausting but she wouldn't change it for the world. Although not planned, Monica learned that a bit of relaxation and fun can go a long way in terms of fertility.

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