Woman Who Was Once Told She’s Infertile Is Now A Mom Of Eight

This mother was told that she would never be able to any children. Despite this, she defied her doctor's statement by having eight beautiful children! More incredible, she has been breastfeeding for 15 years straight!

According to The Sun, Greta Dench, 38, and her husband Simon- both from Melbourne, Australia- were heartbroken after they learned that Greta's polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) prevented her body from releasing eggs on schedule.

Simon and Greta's first miracle happened in 2004 when they welcomed their first child, a boy whom they named Jeremiah. The happy parents couldn't have known it then, but their baby boy Jeremiah (now 14) would set the theme for many babies to follow. Within 5 years, Simon and Greta's family quickly expanded to include Felix, 13; Ezra, 11; and Hugo, nine.

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Four healthy and happy boys is pretty good for a supposed "childless" couple- but Simon and Greta weren't done. Jasper, seven; Vera, four; Benji, two.; and baby Elsie, five months followed to complete the family over several years. Due to her PCOS, it took Greta a full year to get pregnant with Jeremiah, and three to six months with each following pregnancy.

Incredibly, Greta insists that she's never suffered from a single stretch mark thanks to good nutrition and daily exercise, which she also believes are the key to raising her big family right and staying organized.

"I am up early at 4:30 am to feed the baby and put her back to sleep," Greta told The Sun. "I then go for a run to be back for six to have a coffee and quiet moment with hubby; the kids are all up by seven in the morning."



She went on to explain that every child in the home has a job or simple routine to do. If the child does not complete their job or routine during the day, they can't have "screen time" later. Children are also responsible for packing their own lunchboxes with pre-made sandwiches and snacks from pre-prepared snack tubs.

Greta also told The Sun that while she's always had a love for children, she never had a discussion about having a large family with her husband when they first got married. But for the last 15 years, she has either been breastfeeding her children or pregnant. While there have been many difficulties throughout, Greta says it's also been extremely rewarding.

"Having the privilege of growing life in my womb eight times," Greta said. "The miracle of it still blows me away. I am just so grateful my body could do it."

Do you know someone who was able to conceive after being told by a doctor they would never be able to? Please share your story in the comments!

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