Woman Who Regrets Giving Up Baby Gets Her Back A Year Later From Adoptive Parents

In a very divided courtroom, a Cardiff judge was forced to make a difficult call.

A birth mother, who had given up her baby girl when she was only three hours old, had a change of heart and wanted her baby back. The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, wasn't sure about the adoption in the first place and ended up realizing how much she wanted her baby girl after some mental health intervention.

On the flip side, two adoptive parents, who also were not named, raised the baby girl since she was a newborn and she was now almost one-year-old. Despite caring for the child every day and night, they found themselves in the middle of a court battle with the possibility of losing her completely.

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It was brought to attention that the birth mother, who had named the little girl, had mental health concerns documented only two days after the birth. Although struggling to proceed with the adoption, she went through with it anyway and her lawyers argue she was not in the right state of mind when signing away her daughter.

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The judge that the case was presented to said that the mother was not assessed properly before the adoption was completed and that it went through without a hitch way too fast. "In my judgment, [there was] a duty to discuss this with the mother, in fact with both [birth] parents, in detail, before accepting the position rather than actively encouraging them to go through with the adoption."

Due to errors of the council in not screening the mother properly, two sets of parents were at war with each other in the courtroom. It was "their worst nightmares," the judge said. Both couples deemed "fit parents" and the judge was forced to break one of their hearts.

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After a gut-wrenching process, the judge ruled in favor of the birth parents, saying that the little girl should leave the home and caregivers that she has known for her entire life and go to live with her birth parents.

SkyNews reports that the adoptive parents asked if they could make an adoption application in an attempt to keep their daughter but the judge said no because it was "bound to fail." He also added that any adoptive parents should realize when beginning the adoption process that birth parents may change their minds.

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