Survey Finds Women Are Happier With Their Breasts After Having Kids

Sources report that a recent study was published surrounding women's outlooks on their breasts postpartum as compared to before pregnancy. The study, which was published in the Body Image journal, showed some surprising results that shocked many. According to the survey, women feel all around more comfortable with the way their bodies look compared to before they had children. Now although that may sound strange considering many women dislike their postpartum body with a passion, shockingly there's some truth in it.

Via parenting.firstcry.com

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When you get pregnant, and especially after giving birth, your mind, on average, is more focused on the baby rather than your appearance. Yes, being large (and in charge!) does at times get the best of us down whether pregnant or not, but for the most part we're devoting our thoughts (aka worrying) to our babies. Even postpartum, most women are more concerned about healing, making sure their milk comes in and their supply settles and making sure their baby's needs are met than they are thinking about their 'imperfect' body.

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Another argument is that postpartum women accept their breasts and body more than women with no children because there is less pressure to look 'magazine perfect' right after having a baby. ETimes reports that "the idea of being perfect or conscious about their body shape majorly applies to women who haven't given birth" and that in terms of breasts themselves, this study, in particular, showed almost non-existent discontent.

With the positive body image movement shift, a lot of women are learning to love their postpartum bodies regardless of what they look like! After all, they created life and what could be more beautiful than a miraculous vessel that can form something so intricate and complex as a human being out of nearly microscopic ingredients?

Breasts themselves are designed to feed babies. With all of the backlash and shame women receive whether they breastfeed or not, it's about time that society as a whole takes a step away from sexualizing our built-in baby bottles. Whether you fall into the category of loving your postpartum breasts or you don't, remember your body has done one of the most amazing things on earth so cherish it, with all it's sag, stretch marks, and cellulite because there is no greater sacrifice and honour than becoming a mother.

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