How Do Women Get Pregnant On Birth Control?

Some women have a gene in them that makes birth control pills ineffective.

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So, you are on birth control. You take it every day! There is no chance that you could be pregnant, right? You think there is not even a chance that you can be pregnant, but then the little pink line shows up indicating that you are in fact carrying a baby in your belly. How can this be? Isn't birth control supposed to be somewhere around 99% effective?

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Did you know that even if you are taking birth control exactly as intended there is a genetic explanation as to why it might fail? A new study suggests that there is a particular genetic variant in some woman making them more of a risk of becoming pregnant while taking the hormone-based birth control pills. The gene supposedly breaks down the chemicals in the contraceptive making them less effective.

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This study is the first indication that some women might not be able to take the typical pill in order to avoid pregnancy. In the study they found that 5% of the women had a gene called  CYP3A7*1C. This gene is usually only found in fetuses, but can sometimes be found in adults. However, when an adult has this gene it can alter steroid hormone metabolism.

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This new study only effects a small amount of women, but it can help us answer some of the questions we may have of ineffective birth control. Although this has been revealed, it is still suggested that birth control is typically 99% effective as long as you are taking it as directed by your doctor. It is way too early in the research to start panicking women and making them think that they have a different gene. This is just the starting point and it won't be a while until they possibly start screening women to check to see if they might be a carrier for this gene. If women are actually concerned that they have this particular gene, it is advised to try the implant. The implant should be able combat this gene.

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