Women Share Their Clapbacks To Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice From Strangers

A pregnant woman who was shamed by a stranger at Starbucks sparks a Twitter thread about women clapping back to haters.

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One of the hardest parts about being a mother is all of the advice that comes pouring in. Everybody seems to know the right way to raise your child! You might expect advice from people like your mother, mother-in-law, or friends. However, you might not be prepared for the unsolicited advice that comes from the random strangers who don't know anything about you or your child. The random cashier at the check-out counter will tell you that you need to breastfeed your child for at least a year. The man sitting next to you on the bus will tell you that your child shouldn't be having a pacifier. Your random Facebook friend that you never talk to all of a sudden has a very strong opinion on whether or not you should circumcise your little baby boy. The shaming and advice starts even before you have the baby though! It all happens and you have to be prepared. We have found a list of clapbacks that pregnant women have said when they receive the unsolicited advice from random strangers.

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Jaclene Paolucci a pregnant woman shared an experience that she had at Starbucks. She goes by Jax on her Twitter profile. She said that she went to Starbucks and she is six months pregnant. She ordered her drink when a stranger told her that she should be drinking decaf. Jax responded by saying, "I am not pregnant." The stranger was mortified. Jax finished her Tweet by saying, "and that is what you get for giving me unsolicited advice." Paolucci's post inspired many women to come forward and to share their similar experiences.

She followed up her Tweet by saying that nobody should ever assume a woman is pregnant and they have no right to tell her how to go about her pregnancy! One woman shared that when she was pregnant she was eating at McDonald's. A male co-worker told her that she shouldn't be eating a BigMac and that she should be eating something healthy. The woman responded by saying, "Shut-Up Eric" and then shoved a huge bite into her mouth.

One woman shared that when she was pregnant that a complete random lady came up to her and started rubbing her belly. So the pregnant woman responded by grabbing the strangers boob. The pregnant woman said in her Tweet, "she was so shocked and offended for some odd reason."

Another pregnant woman shared how she was sitting in the movie theatre when somebody turned to her and said, "what is your birth plan." The pregnant woman responded by saying "you are not part of my plan."

We love to hear a good clap back from moms when they have received advice from random strangers. We love when they can think quick on their feet and put the person back in their place. As a heads up, you don't have any right to ask personal pregnancy questions to a strange woman. Keep your questions and advice to yourself.

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