Research Suggests Women With Children Get Less Sleep While Men Are Unaffected

New research into what factors impact people's sleep discovered that having children led to women sleeping less, while men were unaffected.

While the majority of people who find out they have a baby on the way will be excited by the news, there are still other things to take into account. Things that may weigh heavy on your mind. Being responsible for another person's life, the amount having another mouth to feed is going to cost, and the severe lack of sleep you're going to get once the little one arrives.

While the chances are slim, you might strike it lucky with that last one. You might be one of the rare few who has a child that sleeps soundly through the night. For the rest of you, prepare to have your schedule well and truly messed with. In fact, some recent research undertaken by the American Academy Of Neurology suggests that having children in the house is the leading cause of lack of sleep.


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Well, technically that's not true. The research actually discovered that having children around led to women getting less sleep. The research looked into age, race, education, marital status, number of children in the household, income, body mass index, exercise, employment and snoring. Living with children was the only factor that seemed to make a drastic difference.

Back to that previous point though, and living with children only affected women included in the study. 2908 women aged 45 and under were surveyed and of the ones who lived with children, only 48% of them reported getting enough sleep. Meanwhile, 62% of those without children in the house reported getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night, the amount the AAN deemed enough.

So what do these findings tell us exactly? Well, the more cynical females among you will likely be saying that you put in more work than your significant others and that it's the women waking up in the night. However, maybe women simply tend to worry more and that leads to a more restless night's sleep, or maybe men just sleep more soundly in general than women do.


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