Sorry Not Sorry: I Won't Skip My Toddler's Naps

I am a firm believer that every good parent is doing their best and what works for their family might not work for others. To each their own, right? For my own family, nap time is sacred. You know those cute photos of kids passed out mid-play? Yeah, that doesn’t happen to my kids. If they have access to toys, they’re going to force themselves to find a second (and third and fourth) wind. My son has always been this way. As my daughter has gotten older she’s become less inclined to nap “on-the-go”. And even though it means we have to turn down some fun activities and friend time, I choose to honor the Nap Trap.

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If I could convince my kids to nap when we’re out and about, I would probably never be home. Not surprisingly, my kids make a lot less mess in my house when we’re at a park or running errands. They’re both just a little bit too much like there mama! I have two modes: on and off. Remember that scene from WALL-E where he wakes up and groggily stumbles about trying to put on his “shoes”? WALL-E rolls around like he’s a bit tipsy and runs into walls. It’s not until he gets his morning jolt from his solar panels that he perks up and returns to his usual chipper self. Well, that’s not me. And it’s DEFINITELY not my kids.

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There’s an avalanche of internet hate about to rain down on me for admitting this, but I won’t lie. I might spend a few minutes lying in bed because I’m extra comfortable, but the moment my eyes open I am awake. Probably should have guessed my son would sleep and wake the same way. I know he’s awake because he jumps out of bed, runs to my bedroom door, and flings it open with a bang. Two modes: on and off.

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And this is why I won’t skip nap time. Maybe that makes me a lame mom, but I could care less about what others think of my parenting. They can judge away; they don’t have to deal with my overtired toddlers fighting sleep.

Ever heard the phrase, “sleep begets sleep”? It means that for almost all babies and toddlers, they will sleep better during the night when they get adequate sleep during the day. Different developmental stages mean kids need less naptime as they get older. When my kids are sick or teething, they tend to sleep more heavily and even add an extra nap. Fine by me, kid!

No, I won’t skip naps. I’m not sorry about it. My kids are always in a better mood when they are able to rest during the day. They sleep better at night when they get a nap - so long as it’s not too late in the day. And I need the daily break from momming.

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Yes, I said it. My kids nap, in part, because I need time to myself. Maybe it’s because I’m an empath, but some parenting days are emotionally and physically exhausting. I can’t be my best self for my kids unless I can get a moment alone to recoup and recharge. Naptime is exactly that. The best days are the days they nap at the same time and we can ALL get a much-needed break.

Sorry, not sorry - I’m not going to skip my kid’s nap time. We’ll pack up and head home every afternoon, not because I’m a hermit, but because naps are the best. Happy snoozing, friend!

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