These Apps Make Being A Working Mom Easier

As you might have guessed by now, I'm kind of a hot mess when it comes to real life things. If it involves planning or organizing - well, I have great ideas and terrible follow-through. Know thyself, right? Since my organizational skills are so mediocre, I look for ways to make my life easier. And another mom confession: I live and die by my phone. Most of my life improvement efforts are apps - and here are some of my favorites. As a working mom, I find relevance in apps that are career-specific. However, I think there's generally a benefit to any mom to learn more about organizational tools and mom-centric tech.

In Her Sight

Because you already have your hands full. (The Bump)

Balancing work and parenthood is difficult even in the best of circumstances. When you have kids, flexibility from your employer is like gold - and In Her Sight wants to help you find it. As an anonymous ratings platform, In Her Sight collects data around fourteen major areas that pertain to women. Each company receives a rating - this helps women find workplace cultures that are better suited to working parents. This remarkable insight will inevitably lead to more employee satisfaction, loyalty, and less turnover.


An ambitious app that helps career women propel themselves forward even during their early mothering years. Werk noticed that 30% of talented women were dropping out of the workforce when they had children. As a result, only 5% of C-suite leaders are women. To break this glass ceiling, Werk recognized that 70% of those people that had dropped out of the workforce would have stayed if their job had more flexibility. Since flexibility is key to parenting while working, Werk’s job boards feature roles that already assume built-in flex time. It’s like having every parents-dream-come-true in a career search!

The Mom Project

This gem is another job board that seeks to connect working women with children with career advancement opportunities. It made my list because it’s Chicago-local and I love the concept as a recruiter. The Mom Project is a recruiting agency for firms that seek to hire women - the roles include flexibility or mom-friendly cultures and policies. Candidates upload their resume and professional information, and Mom Project recruiters connect them to opportunities at clients of The Mom Project. Again, the goal is to provide a way for working moms to continue their career growth without sacrificing family balance.


This app is great for parents who have time to walk with their kids on a sunset beach stroll. (App Advice)

Not just for working moms, Cozi is the family planner app of all apps. You can keep calendars, meal plans, and to-do lists in one place. Cozi replaces that desktop monthly calendar that your mom dutifully filled out. Color-coded schedules make it easy to coordinate pickups and dropoffs and all the hours in between. I personally like the grocery list and meal planning piece - it creates an easy cross-reference to make sure I don’t forget anything at the store. Better yet, I can ask my husband to check and update the app live!

Google Keep

This list seriously helps me stay on-task. (Google Keep)

Speaking of updating live - let’s talk about Google Keep. To me, this basic sticky-note-style app is the best way to flow freely while on my cell phone. I’ve written articles for BabyGaga on Google Keep. In fact, the outline for this very article began as a list on my Google Keep app. When I write down a to-do list for my husband, it goes into Google Keep, I tag him as a collaborator - and I can watch as he completes each task and checks it off. It combines that jot-things-down-on-an-envelope style of “organization” with the instant gratification of checking something off and watching your list shrink.

Even with all of these helpful tools at my fingertips, I struggle to be effective and on-task as a mom. My careers add another complicating element that keeps me on my toes. While I’m still not perfect just because I found a great planner app, imagine how much worse I’d be at momming without it! At least, that’s what I tell myself. I’ll take all the help I can get!


Which apps have you found that help your family? Have you found any that really helped you balance work and family life? Tweet at me - @pi3sugarpi3 - and share your favorite apps!

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