Dear Working Moms, I Know You're Sometimes Jealous Of Me, But I'm Sometimes Jealous Of You

I have never worked outside of the home since I have become a mother. Choosing to stay how was a decision that my husband and I made together. We decided that it was better for our children to have their mother at home and then it was also smarter on our budget to have me stay at home. I really do love staying at home with my children, but there are some days that really it sucks! There are some days that I can't handle being treated like a servant. I get asked to do a million different things and I never get to have a break. I don't get breakfast, or lunch because I am usually too busy with three children (one kid is at school).

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I don't often get to talk to adults until my husband comes home. It is way too hard to leave the house with three young children and I have nap times and school pick-up to consider. I am lonely and when my husband comes home I want to talk to him but I don't get to, because the kids want to talk to him too! I find myself being quiet until the kids go to bed. I am stuck inside most days trying to entertain little humans who yell at me for giving them the wrong colored cup. I don't make an income and I don't get any praise. I don't have work-friends, and I don't get a break from my children throughout the day. I have to pee with an entourage and it is just mentally exhausting. You know what working moms? I am sometimes really jealous of you and wish that I could work outside the home!


That being said, I know that you are jealous of me! I honestly can't imagine leaving my kids during the day. I can't imagine dropping my precious little babies off with somebody and leaving them behind. I can't imagine not being there for every second of their lives. As a stay-at-home mom I get to capture every moment on camera. I never missed a beat of any of my children. I never have had to ask the daycare provider if my children learned anything new that day. I have heard so many mothers say that they wish they could stay at home home but they can't financially afford to do so. I get that. I know quite a few women who are the main breadwinners and they would not be able to afford to stay with their kiddos. When I became a mom for the first time we were very poor but we figured it was actually going to cost us more money to put my child in daycare than I would make a month. Now, I have three kids who would need childcare and so that would make no fiscal sense.

Working moms, I am very jealous of you. And I know that you are going to say you are jealous of me! I don't have to get myself ready every morning. I don't have to worry about childcare. Honestly, motherhood is hard whether you are a SAHM or a working mom!

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