'World's Smallest' Surviving Preemie Released From Hospital

Beating the odds and the record for the tiniest surviving premature baby on record, little baby Saybie was born weighing only 8.6oz (245g). Born at 23 weeks and 3 days gestation in December of 2018, Saybie weighed only a little bit more than a hockey puck and was only expected to live a few short hours. Delivered via c-section due to pre-eclampsia, doctors weighed the options and felt it was the safest option for both mom and baby. Against everything that the doctors expected, Saybie not only survived the extremely early birth, but she didn't experience near the number of complications that doctors and nurses assumed she would.

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Soon after birth, the micro-preemie (a baby born before 28 weeks gestation) was transferred to the NICU at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego, California. Her parents, who chose to remain anonymous, didn't think Saybie would even see the light of a new day, let alone Christmas which was right around the corner. BBC reports that "in a video released by the hospital, the mother described the birth as [the scariest day of her life]." "I kept telling them: 'She's not going to survive. She's- I'm only 23 weeks [pregnant]," said Saybie's mother.

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The previous female record holder, according to BBC, was a baby girl from Germany who weighed a mere 8.9oz (252g) and was born back in 2015. Her male 'competitor', was a baby boy weighing 9.45oz (268g) who was born in Japan earlier this year, reports BBC. The source also states that it was The Tiniest Babies Registry who said that "Saybie is thought to be the world's smallest surviving premature baby." To put her size into perspective, Saybie's doctors and nurses could fit her in the palm of their hand when she was born.

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Initially struggling to survive, baby Saybie is now a thriving five-month-old who weighs 5.6lbs (2.5kg). Nurses and doctors alike consider her survival a miracle. BBC further explains that doctors believe her survival was more likely given she didn't suffer the type of complications that most micro-preemies suffer from including brain bleeds, and lung and heart problems. To say the least, baby Saybie is a living rarity with the heart of a true fighter, which just goes to show that miracles do happen even when we're faced with the hardest of situations.

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