These Are Officially The Worst Baby Names Of 2019

Parents.com has officially released their list of the worst baby names for the year. While parents want to give their kids unique names, sometimes the decision has gone too far. Many forget to note that their kids will have this name for life, and they don’t necessarily want to be named after a cult leader.

A common theme in the website’s ranking is that parents don’t consider the context of some names. While it’s understandable that parents want to name their kids after something they love, sometimes the backgrounds of the characters or objects just don’t sit well as a name for a child. It could even be that they don’t know the history of some of these names, which makes it even worse once they find out because now, they can’t go back.

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Via: The Sun UK

Among the top names for girls is “Mattel”, the company that manufactures Barbie dolls. Enthusiastic wine moms are also naming their daughters “Chardonnay” after their love for an evening drink, and little girls don’t necessarily want to be remembered as an alcoholic beverage their mom loves. Ranked fifth is “Khaleesi”, and the website argues that many will regret naming their daughter this after they watched the last season of the show. For some reason, the number one girl’s name for 2019 is “Shy”—a name that already shapes your daughter’s personality before they grew up.

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Ranked fifth on boys’ names is Manson, and many attribute that name to notorious cult leader Charles Manson, who killed many people. Other than strange links to murderers, many of the boys’ names follow the theme of unique spellings. Instead of “Xavier,” the seventh most popular name is “Xxayvier.” The tenth on the list, presumably named after the infamous Harry Styles, is “Stylez.” The top name combines the two ideas of interesting backgrounds and spellings: “Kingmessiah”.

Via: The Sun UK

Celebrities like Kanye West perpetuate this trend of interesting and unique names. It’s important to note, however, that most kids are not celebrity kids. Instead of simply naming the kid something fun and creative, a parent should consider the meaning of the name, the implications of naming their child that, and the kid’s future comfort with their name. No one would want to be named after a murderous cult leader.

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