The Worst Mom-Shamers? Other Moms

I have been writing mom-related articles for about three years now. I have written a ton of articles on various topics. Something that I have learned time and time again is that moms can be horribly mean to each other.

Women and mothers are constantly preaching "support" and "encouragement" to other mothers, but mothers are actually the worst mom shamers. No matter what article I write or what opinion I take, there is always a lot of controversy and often name-calling.

Just the other day I wrote an article that I didn't even think was that controversial. I had mentioned that I didn't like it when other children touch my baby. I had a woman comment "get the F*** over yourself." I was attacked for thinking I was better than other people. In fact, people got so upset with me they told me to never leave the house, while others started giving me ridiculous advice.

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I have noticed this with every single social media post that is ever created. No matter what is posted on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, moms pick apart every photo and every opinion. Then moms begin to turn on each other and tear one another apart. I never knew how intense mommy wars were until I started writing for a living.

We often think that mom wars are over big topics like breastfeeding, vaccines, and co-sleeping, but mom wars go way beyond that. But, in reality, moms are shaming each other for their diets, the clothing their kids wear, the way they carry their child, whether they have chosen to give their kid a binki, and even the type of stroller a mom uses. Heck, I will probably even get attacked for writing about moms attacking each other.

I have had a lot of friends recently delete their social media accounts because they can't handle having their posts and pictures being torn apart. As a mother, you already feel shame. It's common to feel like you are falling short. You often feel unsure of your decisions. It makes it harder when you are being ripped to shreds by other mothers!

Why can't we just support one another? If we hear a mother doing something we don't agree with then why not just shrug your shoulders and say to yourself "not my kid?" How does it affect you at all if Lauren's son is still in diapers at 4 years old? Why in the world would you have an opinion on Susan letting her kids watch television all day?

I am a mother of four children. My kids were all breastfed. They get binkies until about 3 and a half years old. They get to eat a lot of snacks. I believe in vaccinations. I am very against co-sleeping (it terrifies me). And my children are all sleep trained. My kids are never wearing matching clothes and it's difficult for me to even give them matching socks. I let my kids get hurt through natural consequences. My kids are allowed to watch television every single day. My kids are rear-facing until 3 1/2 years old. And you know what? Not one of those changes how you raise your children. Not one of those affects you and your life.

Seriously, let us just all love each other. Let us all support each other. Stop attacking each other on social media. Stop arguing over Facebook and calling one another names! It just needs to stop.

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