These Moms Had The Worst Mother's Day Ever

If no one has wished you a Happy Mother’s Day yet this year, allow me to say it belatedly. Happy Mother’s Day, mama! I hope yours was joyful and full of loving friends and family. Unfortunately, not everyone had a great Mother’s Day this year! Long-standing family tensions can wreak havoc on otherwise peaceful holidays. Mother’s Day is no exception! These Reddit users shared their own awful experiences with their moms and mothers-in-law. It’s safe to say these moms had the worst Mother’s Days ever!

Return To Sender

This mom was probably running around after kids. Kudos to her for even remembering to get the card out on time! It’s 2019 - no one is running around with an address book in their purse anymore. How rude!

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I was trying to be nice and I got my MIL a card for Mother’s Day. I was in a rush on my way out and couldn’t find her address, so I text her asking if she could send it to me. Her response? “If you don’t know my address then don’t send me a card.”


I’m A Mom, Too

Pretty sure this is half of all first Mother’s Days! Sometimes grandparents want to spoil their grandkids on this day as an act of maternal love. They might be stepping on toes just because they’re eager to see their own kids. Protip: It’s BEST (but not easier) to put a stop to this overstep on the very first Mother’s Day.

I had my first child last July, he is 9 months old. I live about 15 minutes away from my parents, and see them about once a week even though my mom can be a real pain in the ass. I told them that I’d see them tomorrow night for dinner. My mother was taken aback.

“Tomorrow night? You aren’t coming for breakfast and spending the whole day?!?”

That’s when my dad reminded her, “She’s a mom now too, tomorrow is her day to do what she wants.”

“Oh... yeah...”

My mother is so focused on herself, it didn’t even occur to her that tomorrow is the first time I get to celebrate Mother’s Day and hmmmm maybe I want to spend it with my husband and baby rather than at her house where her favorite line is “my house my rules". 

You’re Not A Real Mom

Allow me: Mother’s Day is for those who mother. Even people who don’t have any dependent children can invest maternal energy into another person! That being said: stepmoms are moms, people!

My lovely genetic material donor of a mother called me and thanked me for her card and flowers... I can't even put into words I'm so pissed. And I quote:

“Well, mothers day does not apply to you since you’re only a step mom..not a real mom.”

I hung up. Plain and simply before I lost my mind.

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You’re Not His Mom

I wonder if I’ll fall prey to the same mentality when I’m a grandma? So many grandmas seem to think they are a second mother...and then get offended when the child doesn’t see it that way. That’s not how it works, grandma! That’s not how any of this works!

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like your mom crying in the bathroom because your 1.5YO missed his nap, became inconsolable come 5 PM, and only wants to be held by his actual mom (aka me), and not her.

Like, yes I know DS2 is crying, he's exhausted. No, you won't make him feel better, he just wants to cry in my arms since he can't go to sleep. It's nothing personal, why are you crying because you feel rejected by a baby? He's a baby for god's sake! You're a mother, you of all people should understand why babies want to be comforted by their mommy and not someone they see once every 3 months. Sigh.

Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too

At first, this seems like just an annoying complaint. It quickly becomes clear that this mother-in-law is problematic as a rule. What a fun Mother’s Day! Hearing your mother-in-law bash her own son and your marriage to him all day long! No wonder this mom wanted to hide out in the kitchen!

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My mother-in-law has always been a real piece of work, always having to micromanage. We get along but I am getting so sick of her. My husband works 7 days a week. 10-12 hour shifts. Every week. This was his first weekend off in 4 months. I’m a SAHM.

My father-in-law planned the menu for today and he and I were to cook it. Husband and I agreed on no gifts because he’s buying me a house and we’re saving every bit for new house stuff. Mother-in-law has been throwing a fit since yesterday about how only husband and father-in-law should be the one cooking, not me. How I’m taking away from my kids and time with them to cook my own Mother's Day meal. That my husband isn’t stepping up and doing what he needs to do to be a husband. That we're failing our kids by not being present. Hello! The kids are helping because they want to! I didn't ask them to. My husband works so hard, I don’t expect him to do a damn thing. He'll help if he wants to. Not because I asked him. I just don't even know what to say to her anymore. Every time we’re with her it’s like this. Plus she never shuts up with her off-hand remarks. "You shouldn't cut it that way", "I wouldn't cook it that way", "If it were me....". Well, it’s not. It’s me.

Note: Entries from Reddit.com/r/JustNoMIL, edited for clarity.

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