Worst Of Reddit: 15 Things People Have Caught Parents Doing In Public

From using baby wipes for absolutely everything all the way to changing babies in a shopping basket in the parking lot...

Parents do weird things all the time. From using baby wipes for absolutely everything all the way to changing babies in a shopping basket in the parking lot.

Weird or ingenious? But sometimes, some situations truly are weird and make you wonder what the heck the person was doing. It’s even worse when the person is obviously a parent as they have their kids in tow, who most often than not, stare at their parent in a mortified way.

Unfortunately, kids are usually unwilling bystanders who should have never been subject to their parents’ disastrous decisions. Here are 15 of some of the weirdest things people have seen parents do in public as shared on Reddit.

They’re just the stories but in today’s day and age, it’s important to remember that at any given time, anyone could be taking a picture to share on the internet. Just as anyone should turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking, so should parents think twice before doing something questionable in public with their kids in tow.

15Sharing Is Caring

Steph shared:

“Was watching a mom and her son at a local grocery store. The kid was looking at the candy in the bulk section. He untwisted a wrapper, and threw a piece of candy in his mouth. The mom told him to get the piece of candy out of his mouth or he would have to pay for it. The kid popped it back into the wrapper, twisted the ends like it had never been opened, and threw it back in the bin. This is why I don't buy bulk candy."

Will that Reddit confession make you rethink grabbing a chocolate or candy from the grocery store next time? Maybe reach for the bottom ones just to be sure. People do all kinds of gross things in public, but this one definitely takes the cake as far as parenting goes.

14Here's A Good Spot

Drunk people do all kinds of weird things, but Julian witnessed a mom doing something quite bizarre. He shared:

“I saw a woman walk off the pavement into the side of the road and [pee] down her own leg, she was very drunk, she was also wearing jeans. After she was done she stepped back onto the pavement, took hold of the hand of her young child and carried on. I've never seen a child so young look so utterly mortified.”

He added that it was a “strange thing to see at 10:30am on the day after Boxing Day”.

The holiday period is notorious for bringing out the worst in people, but this incident is definitely as bad as it gets. This would have likely also have happened in the middle of winter. Let’s just hope that the mother pulled herself together after that one.

13Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes

Linda remembered the weirdest thing she saw at a retail store:

“I was at a Marshall's buying some clothes and this younger mom (couldn't be more than 25) and her 2 or 3 year old daughter were near me. The daughter sneezes and the mom takes a t-shirt off the rack, wipes her nose with it, and puts it back on the rack. I let out an audible gasp cause that shit is nasty. She pretends I am not there and walks away with her now cleaned up daughter. I walk up to the shirt they used and it has snot all over the front side of it. From that day on, I always washed any new clothes I bought.”

This one is up there with the candy incident. I have to admit that I tend to wear clothes I buy without washing them first, but from now on, I’ll absolutely make sure to throw my new clothes into the dirty pile.

12Please Let Me Live

Sebastian shared:

“I saw a visibly pregnant girl throw down her cigarette to get in a fist fight at Taco Bell at 2 AM. A police officer broke it up.”

What’s worse: the fact that she was pregnant or that she proceeded to get into a fist fight? Given that he describes her as being “visibly pregnant” means that she could have been anywhere from the second to the third trimester.

To risk her baby’s life over some kind of 2am spat is beyond words. Then again, it doesn’t seem that she very much cared to begin with given that he describes she threw her cigarette on the ground. Granted, plenty of women are unable to give up smoking during pregnancy. Some future moms are even told to keep smoking, albeit less, to avoid stressing the baby, but this has been shown to be just a myth. The benefits of quitting smoking during pregnancy far outweigh any possible stress on the baby.

11Better Than Milk

We all have our share of fail parenting moments, but Monica witnessed something pretty weird as far as taking care of a baby. She shared:

“I was getting my car service last year and a young mom (probably around my age, honestly) had her infant with her. My jaw dropped as she put diet mountain dew into a baby bottle and prop it up in the baby's mouth while she went to smoke a cigarette. This baby couldn't have been more than 3 months. It’s amazing the shit clueless parents will do to their kids.”

It certainly is amazing. At just three months old, that baby would have been in desperate need of formula or breast milk. Nowadays, it’s even frowned upon to give kids juice because it’s full of sugar and Mountain Dew is certainly even worse as it has absolutely zero nutritional value.

10Baby Didn't Change Her Life

Annie’s story sounds like something straight out of Shameless. She shared:

“At a supper club in rural WI, the teenage girl who was bartender was also drinking while working ... while babysitting her son. It was about 9pm and there was a fistful of townies hanging out and whatnot. Momma was smokin' cigarettes and chatting while dancing her baby on the bar.”

Taking your baby to a bar is bad enough as it is, but even worse is the fact that the baby would have undoubtedly been extremely tired and ready for bedtime.

Annie continued: “At one point she leaned over and asked my friend if she could hold the baby "for a hot minute while I go in the bathroom with Jimmy".

Eek, let’s just hope that she didn’t forget to use protection!

9Taking Care Of Babies '50s Style

In the 1950’s, it wasn’t uncommon to see strollers parked outside of stores as mothers did their shopping. Fast-forward to now and such a habit is now massively frowned upon for the massive safety risks and yet Mike shared a disturbing memory:

“Two women smoking pot outside a public library right above their toddlers. They were literally standing over their kids in the strollers and ash was falling on the kids’ heads. They were talking about going out for drinks later too.”

Although there haven’t been as many studies on the effects of second-hand marijuana smoke compared to second-hand smoke from cigarettes, some reports have shown an effect on blood vessel function and has also found THC in the blood of non-smoking people.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he added: “Also like 2 days later I saw a stroller with I think one of those same kids in it sitting unattended outside a bar. It was October and it was 12 in the afternoon.”

8Little Girl's Privacy Doesn't Matter

The weirdness of Daniel’s story is debatable:

“I saw a little girl take a shit during a local festival while her mom was supporting her. At least her mom picked up the poop afterwards.”

Is this weird? Like the Reddit user says, at least the mom picked it up, but a point still needs to be raised concerning the little girl’s privacy. The details are very scarce and maybe this happened away from the main event, but there is still something to be said about how someone did see it and felt compelled to share the “weird” story online.

The little girl really had to go and that’s normal, but surely there would have been porta potties in the area? Even at a young age, most kids prefer to have privacy when it comes to going to the bathroom. The fact that we live in a day and age where everyone takes pictures of everything isn’t exactly reassuring either.

7Could Have Used Shin Guards

Yanick’s story is definitely up there on the weird scale. He shared that when he was on the school bus on the way to elementary school, he saw a soccer mom hit an elderly man on a motorcycle.

According to him: “When she walked up to him he turned around and slowly got up, but clearly had a broken leg. He then proceeded to start beating the shit out of her right in front of her kids. Yup, a severely hurt old guy was punching this woman in the face while profusely bleeding. Obviously she just ran away, but to a bus full of elementary schoolers it was like straight out of an action movie.

We’re going to have to give this story the benefit of the doubt though given that he would have been about four or five years old at the time of the incident.

6Kids Can't 'Wait'


Kids lie a lot. Perhaps not always intentionally, but sometimes differentiating between the real truth and a fib can be extremely hard. This is particularly true when it comes to needing to go to the bathroom. Kids have a crazy ability to want to go pee right after having just gone or they might say they need to go when you know they can’t possibly need to yet.

Alex’s story shows that sometimes it’s best to err on the safe side, but it’s still pretty weird that the girl’s mom would have ignored her despite the obvious signs.

She shared: “Little girl with her mother/babysitter on the train. The little girl told the lady she had to pee. Lady – ‘You can wait’. Girl - "But I have to gooo". Does pee dance ....30 seconds later, pee runs down the girl's leg and out through her jeans on to the train's floor. And the jerking of the train from moving made the urine run down the aisle.”

5Kid Is Used To It

Whereas several decades ago, physical punishment was the norm, it isn’t anymore and with good reason.

Keira recounted the weirdest thing she saw a parent do: “Watched a mom smack her kid right on the mouth for saying something. Loud smack noise too.”

Many still spank behind closed doors but it’s rare that we might see forms of punishment such as spanking or slapping be used in public and with good reason. In our day and age, everyone is trigger happy to report someone. Many are reported without due cause (such as for the next situation), but it may actually have been warranted in this case. For the kids to not even flinch makes you wonder about the kind of abuse may be going on in private when no one is looking.

4Perfect Kids Are Weirder

Nowadays, you’re damned if you do and if you’re damned if you don’t. Caroline’s recollection of the weirdest thing she has seen a parent do (or rather not do) is a perfect example of this:

“One time there was this mom with two 5-year old boys, and she never had to tell them to be quiet. And none of them licked the window. Or put their fist in their mouth. F*ckin' weird.”

It seems that as parents, we just can’t win. If our kid throws a temper tantrum in the middle of Wal-Mart, then we’re terrible parents. If the kid is too well-behaved, then we’re judged for that too. Boys are notoriously rowdy but it is unfair to place all boys and all kids in general in the same category. Some are just calmer than others and it’s not an indication of weirdness or as some might even jump into thinking, abuse.

3Mind Your Own Business

An anonymous Reddit user shared a story that he witnessed in Hong Kong:

“Chinese family couldn’t find toilet in shopping center, proceed to holding the kid to poop right in front of a B&O store in a luxury shopping mall, all while fighting off Hong Kong locals criticisms with arguments like we are all Chinese.”

No doubt about it, this one too is high up there on the weird scale. Even if the family was unable to find a bathroom still does not justify letting their child relieve himself in front of a store. A kid’s privacy is just as important as anyone else’s and letting them do their business in such a public space only attracts attention. Such an incident would have been absolutely mortifying for the child, so let’s just hope that all is forgotten by now.

2Improvised Weapons

Just replace “Brooklyn” with “Chicago” and you have another story that could be taken straight out of the TV series Shameless. Paul shared:

“Two young mothers pushing strollers, one visibly pregnant, tried to enter a subway at the same time, and both wanted to get in first. Naturally it devolved into a profanity-ridden screaming match and a fit of actually shoving each other with their baby filled strollers, and they both missed the train. Gotta love South Brooklyn.”

It’s certainly not every day that you witness strollers with babies inside being used as weapons. Does it even matter who goes first? The fact that they both missed the train just goes to show how petty the whole thing was. Even worse is the fact that one of them was pregnant!

1People Like You

While we’re on the topic of violence with kids present, Sophie shared another eyebrow-raising and peculiar story that happened on a bus:

“As she is trying to move down the aisle with the buggy, she exclaims to an elderly woman that she needs to "move the f*ck out of the way." The older woman quite rightly respond with "I have nowhere to move to, you idiot."

Twenty minutes later, when the elderly woman moved to get off the bus:

“the mother bolts behind her, grabs her by the hair and releases a flurry of punches and kicks, breaking the old woman's glasses in the process.

Not one person on the bus said a word, Myself included, other than the Driver who exclaimed "I'm f*cking sick of people like you doing sh*t like this on this bus, this is the 4th time this week!" To which, she became more indignant, proclaiming her virtuousness. "What the f*ck do you mean people like me?! She called me a fucking idiot!" All the while, her daughter is crying hysterically.


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