'Wow, You're Huge! Do You Have Gestational Diabetes?' & Other Stupid Things People Said To Me During Pregnancy

I was 9 months pregnant with my third child. I was so excited to meet my sweet boy soon. My belly was very huge. I had a good guess that my baby was going to be quite big! When I get pregnant I get most of my weight in my belly. Then I have big babies so they are accompanied by a larger placenta and more liquid. So, yes, my belly was quite large for how small I was in other places.


We were talking to a man in our church about our pregnancy. My husband and I were happily answering all of his questions that we had answered many times before to various people, but we didn't mind since we loved our baby so much that I could talk about him forever. The man then proceeded to tell me that I was "huge" and then had the audacity to ask if I had been diagnosed with gestation diabetes. Wait, what? Did he just ask me if I GB because I was fat and he was just assuming since I was so big that I must have blood sugar issues? How rude! I actually was suffering from low blood sugar  jerk.

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Our whole lives we are taught not to comment on people's bodies. It just isn't nice. You aren't supposed to discuss anything negative about their bodies, if you do, then it is considered rude. When you become pregnant it is as if all social skills are thrown out the window. People don't know how to keep their mouths shut. I have been pregnant four times and I would like to share with you the worst things that people have said to me during my pregnancies.

  • "Hopefully it is a girl this time so you can be done having kids."
  • "This is what I tell my 15-year-old, this is what can happen! She is all up on the couch cuddling with her boyfriend and I tell her she is going to get pregnant. This is her future." The man thought I was 16. I was 23, a college graduate and married.
  • "You look huge! You look like you are going to pop any second."  Me: "I am 5 months so..."
  • "Are you really going to eat a second helping?" and then his partner follows him up by saying, "well she is eating for two."  Okay, look here Karen and Karen's sister, I do not have to defend my eating habits to you. Even if I wasn't pregnant I can have two helpings of potatoes.
  • "All you have to do is drink raspberry leaf tea and you won't throw up."  Okay, thanks Karen, these two prescription medications won't stop me from throwing up 10 millions times a day but I am sure raspberry leaf tea is sure to do the trick.
  • "Yeah, you really aren't supposed to get pregnant so quickly. It's not healthy for your body." Little too late for that now isn't Janice.
  • "You are actually not supposed to eat chocolate during pregnancy because it will give your baby colic."  Okay, thank you Doctor check-out lady, can you just scan my large bag of M & M's now!
  • "You really shouldn't get the epidural because then you can't walk around." Peggy, why don't you go away and scream through your contractions. I will be fast asleep thank you.
  • "You look so tiny! Are you sure your baby is healthy?"

People start becoming stupid when they see a pregnant woman. I have been pregnant four times and I have received so many idiotic comments and questions that are kind of mind-boggling. The only things that are acceptable to say to a pregnant woman is "you look beautiful" and "do you want a cupcake?"

What is the stupidest thing that somebody has asked you when you were pregnant?

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