WWE's Maria and Mike Kanellis Are Now Expecting Baby Number Two

Mike and Maria Kanellis announce that they are expecting their second child.

WWE stars, Mike and Maria Kanellis are under much scrutiny. The couple recently signed a contract with WWE for $500,000. The couple waited until their contract was completely finalized. It was under the impression of WWE that the couple would continue fighting as a couple verse other couple fighters. However, the couple announced their pregnancy in a very surreal fashion that had fans and Executive director, Paul Heyman, a little bit blind-sided and speechless.

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During a fight verse Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, the couple started having a little bit of banter while they were losing. "How can I be pregnant?" Maria asked rhetorically. "I don't know because I don't think you're man enough to get me pregnant!" All of the fans were so confused, but then they knew that she was revealing her pregnancy. Shortly after, Maria shared on her Instagram a picture of a pregnancy test that said, "pregnant."

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Tough as a Mother.

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Apparently, this is not the first time that the couple has done something like this which has caused even more scrutiny and obvious suspicion. When the couple re-signed with the couple last time they finalized their contract and then a couple of days later the couple announced they were pregnant with their first child. Of course, both Mike and Maria know that they are going to be under much ridicule for this little "stunt" especially since they went through substance abuse rehab back in 2017. They are kind of used to being a point of controversy in their industry at this point.

Even though they might have not announced their pregnancy in the best fashion we hope that the couple has a safe and happy nine months. We hope that Maria's pregnancy is uneventful and they are able to grow a healthy baby. We definitely want to see her baby bump. She is an incredibly strong and fit woman and we all would love to see that little lady having a baby bump!

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