WWE Superstar Mike "The Miz" Mizanin Explains How Becoming A Father Changed His Life

WWE Superstars Mike "The Miz" and Maryse Mizanin haven't been parents for very long, but it's clear that they love it already. They currently have two children- 17-month-old Monroe Sky Mizanin, and their newest addition, Madison Jade Mizanin. The latter daughter was born back on September 20th as a wonderful addition to this growing family.

While his wife is currently raising their two young daughters in their Los Angeles home, The Miz is back on the road with WWE. When he's not on the road wrestling, he and Maryse are busy filming their USA Network reality TV show, Miz & Mrs. Juggling one's work life with their personal life is never easy, but this couple has made it work. Mizanin recently discussed in an interview how being a father of two has changed his life completely.

"Being a father has changed everything because I miss my daughters all the time, non-stop. Whenever I’m not with them, I’m thinking of them," Mizanin explained. "Honestly, I’m one of those dads that loves holding my daughters. I love rocking both of them – even though Monroe’s getting heavy, it kinda helps me with working out!  When I feel tired and I’m like, 'Man I didn’t work out today – wait a second, I must have picked up Monroe at least 50 times'. So, that’s my work out now!"

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With that being said, Mizanin also revealed that his children don't yet understand everything about WWE. Granted, their young age makes it difficult for them to follow the various storylines or know what specific wrestling moves are. But that doesn't mean that his oldest daughter isn't already enjoying certain aspects of it.

"Right now, they’re really young. Whenever Monroe sees WWE on, she always likes to sit down and watch because she loves the colours. There’s so much going on for her eyes to see, she actually likes it! She like that and nursery rhymes, because literally I watch Dave and Ava on YouTube probably every day, I know every song, every nursery rhyme I could sing to you," Mizanin added.

It's clear that despite the craziness that comes with raising a toddler and a newborn, Mizanin is taking it all in stride. Even when his WWE schedule takes him far across the United States or somewhere overseas, he tries his best to be there for his wife and children. We wish nothing but the best for the self-described "It Family"!

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