One Year After Miscarriage, Woman is Pregnant With Rainbow Baby

A woman is pregnant with her rainbow baby one year after losing her child due to a miscarriage. A rainbow baby is defined as a mother who becomes pregnant after a loss.

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One year ago, Korin Miller became pregnant. She was already a mother of two children and she desperately wanted a third baby. Korin said she argued with her husband for over a year because she wanted a baby and her husband wasn't so keen on the idea. After much convincing, Korin's husband finally caved. Shortly after finding out that she was pregnant she figured out that she was pregnant with twin boys. She said she got a good laugh that she convinced her husband for just ONE more and then she would be having two.

At 14 weeks, Korin went into her usual appointment where she received the worst news any mother could hear. Both of her babies had no heartbeat. They were just gone. All of the appointments up to that point were perfect and there was nothing in her past that would indicate that she would lose her healthy babies in the second trimester. She was obviously devastated and a complete mess. Her body was not going to get rid of the babies itself, so she had to go through a surgery to remove her dead fetus's.

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Losing her twins was so traumatic and horribly trying. She was in complete shock and kept on asking herself what possibly went wrong. It was a very tough time, but a year later she has some very good news. Korin is pregnant with a healthy rainbow baby. She was very excited to learn that she was pregnant with a new little baby. She is getting further in her pregnancy and she admitted that she feels guilty for being so excited about the new little girl. She is sad still about her twins and  she never wants to make it feel like she is turning her back on the twins that she lost. She will love her new daughter more than anything, but she will not replace her twins with her daughter.

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Korin said that she has been going through counseling to be able to help with the loss of her twins. Even though she is pregnant with a beautiful baby girl, she still mourns for her loss. She still thinks about what could have been and who her boys would have become. When she first lost her children she cried almost all day long. As the weeks went on she began crying less and less, but her loss has left her with an empty place in her heart. She is so grateful that this pregnancy has been going so smoothly and she prays that she is able to give birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl.

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