Yellies Are This Year's Hot Gift, For The Kids You Love AND The Kids You Hate

Tis the season to give the year's hottest toy to the kids that you love most. Every parent, aunt, uncle, and Grandma does their very best come December 1st, to make the little people in their lives light up with holiday joy. Some years it's a new game system that gets them a-glow. Other years it's a Hatchimal, or a talking, animated baby doll that brings out the screeches and smiles in youths around the globe.

This year it's a toy called a Yellie that has kids praying next to their bedside each night for this one special toy to be wrapped underneath the Christmas tree.

For those who don't know what a Yellie is, let us give you the skinny. A Yellie is a fuzzy wuzzy, brightly colored spider that is motion-activated by the screams of your darling children. These toys literally chase down your kids when they yell, and the louder they yell, the faster the Yellie runs after your entertained (or terrified kid.) Many parents obviously see the Yellie as a good-humored gift as these little creatures are flying off of store shelves at warp speed this year.

Other parents are fuming that a toy like this even exists. One mother claimed the Yellie "terrorized" her son chasing him as he cried out for help. (Question: Does she not know how to turn off a children's toy? Or read the packaging? Or better yet- throw it out if it's damaging her kid's life?) Another parent and popular blogger expressed her disdain for the toy and it's makers saying, "Who on earth thought inventing this toy would be a good idea?!" Still, others took a humous spin on the toy saying that if you give this gift to a child, you clearly dislike them (and their parents) very much.

Here's the thing, if a Yellie offends you and ends up sending your child to group therapy twice a week, the simple solution is not to buy the toy, or don't open it if it's given as a gift. You know your child and his likely reactions best. Don't blame a toy for being a toy or the makers for making it.

Blame yourself for not picking the thing up, throwing it in the trashcan and replacing it with a puzzle, book or adorable stuffed puppy.


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