Yes, You Can Get Pregnant While Already Pregnant

Many may believe that the least likely time to get pregnant would be when one is already pregnant. Well, interestingly, that is not the case.

We all remember the crazy rumors that went around when we were younger and first learning about "the birds and the bees" and pregnancy. The ridiculous urban myths of certain situations where it was impossible to get pregnant. Things like using Coca Cola as a contraceptive and believing that it's impossible to get pregnant while a woman is on her period, are just a couple of many that are simply wrong.

You would have thought that one surefire way to not get pregnant is if you are already pregnant. We mean, it's impossible to get double pregnant, right? Well, it turns out that getting pregnant while pregnant is something that can happen. Standard Media's recent article points out that it is possible to get pregnant again even if you are already with child, how it happens, and why it might be more common than most people think.


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First of all, the science behind this phenomenon. The process is known as "superfetation" and as you might have guessed, it occurs when there are two fertilized eggs in the womb. Science dictates that another egg being fertilized when one has already started to grow should not happen, but every now and again it does. A woman's pregnancy hormones should shut down the process but very rarely some may continue to ovulate.

How rare are we talking here? Well, very. There have only been ten reported cases of superfetation. Note that word reported. Some experts believe that the occurrence is so rare that sometimes it isn't even recognized or correctly diagnosed. If the two conceptions are close together then it may just appear that a woman is pregnant with twins. Both babies will be born at the same time and it's as if the extremely rare superfetation never actually happened.

If you're pregnant then you're likely now worrying that you could get pregnant again, or if you are a twin then your mind has probably wandered to the possibility that you are a product of superfetation. Even if some cases are overlooked, however, it is still very unlikely to happen. Women undergoing IVF treatment are thought to be more prone to superfetation due to their ovaries being stimulated, but even then the chances are still millions to one.


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