7-Year-Old Aspiring Doula Helps Deliver Her Rainbow Baby Sister

One seven-year-old with aspirations of being a doula when she grows up got to live her dream by delivering her rainbow baby sister.

According to CafeMom, Ayla Tolentino, a seven-year-old from Lexington, Kentucky, has her career planned out before she finishes grade school. While most children constantly change their minds about what they want to be when they grow up, Ayla picked something a little more niche and has obsessed about it since she was three. Perhaps it was Ayla's mother, Morgan Tolentino, being so open about the process, or Morgan's friends who work in the field of childbirth, who inspired her fascination, but this odd career-fascination gave her the opportunity of a lifetime — the chance to help deliver her sister Maple, who just so happens to be a rainbow baby.

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Some incredible photos, taken by Sarah Hill Photography, capturing the moment have gone viral. You can see the joy in Ayla's face as her sister enters the world, as the child goes through all the emotions her mother felt during childbirth.

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Via CafeMom

She seems to have a bright career ahead of her too. According to Morgan, she quickly showed her knowledge regarding childbirth by asking if she could help deliver the placenta and when she could have skin-to-skin contact with her new sibling. She then had everyone in the room tearing up when she leaned in to tell the baby "you're going to have the best life ever," following the delivery. To top it all off, this adorable seven-year-old congratulated her mother for her lack of swearing throughout it all. Morgan explained that she warned Alya that she may hear some inappropriate words that would normally not be OK to say at home.

According to Morgan, Maple's birth was a rush of emotions. After losing her previous pregnancy.

"We all were so hurt by our loss and it was crippling for me for some time. Between the scary birth experience we had with Ayla and then our loss I spent years feeling like my body had failed me," says Morgan. " Maple’s birth was freeing, therapeutic, and redemptive. It was everything we needed."

We here at BabyGaga want to congratulate the Tolentino family for the birth of their newest family member. From the clear excitement on Alya's face, we're certain little Maple will definitely have "the best life ever". Alya clearly has the chops to live her dream as a doula, something we didn't think we could say about many seven-year-olds!

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