These Young Sisters Started A Lemonade Stand To Help Student Pay Off Lunch Debts

Hailey and Hannah Hager from North Carolina are spending their summer running a lemonade stand to earn money to donate to their school district to pay off all of the existing lunch debt.  The sisters first-day of official business was on May 18th and they earned $460 that opening weekend.

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13-year-old Hailey and 11-year-old Hannah began selling lemonade after their mom, Erin Hager, bought them an old lemonade stand and fixed it up just for fun. The girls never intended to sell lemonade for profit, let alone for charity but the girls wanted to give back to their community upon opening. The first decided to give to a local hospice center that cared for their grandfather.

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From there, Hailey and Hannah's Helping Hands Lemonade Stand was born.

They just found out they're on the front page!!!!

Posted by Erin Hager on Friday, May 24, 2019

The sisters decided to continue to earn money for a good cause. They began looking into local children's home to help when their principal informed them that families in their own neighborhood were struggling to pay for school lunch. The Davidson County School District in Lexington, North Carolina has acquired a total of $41,000 of lunch debt between all 36 of its schools.

Today Food gave the Hager sisters some great publicity for a great start to summer. On their first day, the girls sold lemonade for $1 a cup. The next day they added a lunch combo including a hot dog and lemonade for $5. They raised close to $500 opening weekend. That money will first go to Hannah's school, Southwood Elementary.

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Hailey's middle school will be next followed by the local high school. From there, they'll continue to give money to every single school in the district until each one is debt free. Clearing the debt will put Davidson schools in a better position financially allowing them to serve full menus to everyone easier.

Hailey and Hannah want their stand to fight back against lunch shaming across the country. Lunch shaming has been in the news recently after a school in Rhode Island announced that any student who owes money to the school would only be served a sun butter and jelly sandwiches. Most strongly disagreed with punishing children for their parent's mistakes.

Hailer and Hannah Hager Via Erin Hager

Emily Lipe, the superintendent for Davidson County Schools confirmed that even if students are in the red on their lunch account, they will still be served a hot lunch regardless. Speaking to Today, Lipe said, "Lunch shaming is not an issue in our school district. We have taken steps to ensure that no student is ostracized due to the lack of breakfast or lunch funds.

We wish Hailey and Hannah the best of luck with their summer business! What do you think of this business plan?


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