Young Woman Who Had IVF One Day After Turning 18 Has Healthy Baby

At 18-years-old, most of us weren't thinking too much about having babies. After all, we had time to worry about that when the time came. For one young woman, her time was up long before it really got started. Samara Davies, who is now 19-years-old, was faced with a difficult decision... have a baby now or never have one at all. After having always dreamed of becoming a mother, Samara knew that she would regret it if she gave up this chance.

Samara Davies suffered from abdominal cramps so bad that she was often unable to walk. From about the age of 12, Samara's pain progressively got worse, to the point it was unbearable. When she was 16, she was rushed to the ER after collapsing in excruciating pain. It was then that the doctors found out she had a cyst the size of an orange. Even after the cyst was surgically removed, however, Samara continued experiencing pain so intense she had to stop furthering her education.

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Diagnosed in 2017 with endometriosis, doctors told Samara she needed a hysterectomy to "improve [her] quality of life". At only 17-years-old, Samara was faced with the decision to become a teenage mother or never be a mother at all. She ultimately decided to have a child was the better option and, with her family's blessing, lined up a sperm donor and started IVF treatments.

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After one round of IVF, Samara was delighted to hear that she was expecting her now 7-month-old daughter, Ailani. Samara describes pregnancy as the best time of her life because the entire time she was pregnant, she wasn't in pain. Even after giving birth, Mirror reports that Samara is still not experiencing the cramping and can even work part-time while juggling being a busy mom.

While many may judge Samara's decision because of her age, she sacrificed a lot for her daughter who in turn may have cured her of the agony she was in. Although only time will tell if she still needs a hysterectomy down the road, Samara is overjoyed at the chance she got to become a mother and wouldn't change it for the world. As for her age goes, Samara has endured more pain than most of us will endure in a lifetime and the fact that she is now pain-free and doing a wonderful job raising Ailani as a single mom shows that motherhood was indeed the right decision for her.

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