Your Kids Are Going To Love The New H&M X "Toca Life" Collaboration (And So Will You)

Many children have taken to the kid-friendly app Toca Life and its many sequels to unwind online. The game comes from the minds over at Toca Boca, a Swedish-born mobile game company that loves making kid games with bright colours and wacky characters. It should come as no surprise that so many children have become fans of Toca Life. Yet it's surprising that its success as yet to be capitalized on- until now.

Popular clothing company H&M has collaborated with those behind Toca Life to create a brand new clothing line exclusively for children. It's a collection that was definitely made with children and tweens in mind for their audience. If your child loves Toca Life, then they'll certainly adore this particular collection of clothes!

The idea behind this collection wasn't just for kids to own and wear clothes that have their favourite Toca Life characters on them. It's also about allowing kids to embrace who they are, no matter what. Let's be real- everyone's weird! Even if you're a little weird or really weird, weird is still weird. This collection wants kids to love their weirdness by wearing fun and playful clothes. Plain and simple, kids are being pushed to express themselves more freely than before.

via FashionUnited

The clothes in the H&M x Toca Life collection feature multiple different characters from the aforementioned mobile app. Kids who love this game will immediately recognize any and all of them with ease. The clothes are also bright in colour, with several elements that give off a quirky vibe. This includes flashy foil prints, reversible sequins, and 3D appliques.

There's also a wide range of clothing options available in this collection. Such options include dresses, jersey tops, shoes, sweatsuits, and tracksuits. There are also a lot of accessory options from this collection- socks, soft toy bags, and sneakers, just to name a few. With so many items to pick and choose from, your kids will be able to wear a lot of different options all year long!

You can purchase clothes from the H&M x Toca Life collection either in H&M stores or on H&M's website.

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